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January 12, 2009

bookofjoe MoneyMaker: Ponytail/Chignon/French Roll-Friendly Car Headrest


Here's a chance for Detroit to trump the Japanese by putting this on the front burner out back in the skunk works.

The comment above came in yesterday about 90 minutes after the Ponytail Headband post appeared.


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So that's why my 2004 Suzuki had a headrest that was an outline instead of solid! I thought it was just to save $5 on materials! Come to think about it, mst non-US autos have this type.

Note: the term "headrest" is a misnomer, those things are an anti-whiplash safety measure to keep your head from snapping back too far and are NOT supposed to be used by resting your head on them.

But as a passenger, of course I do, just like most people. Not when driving, though.

Posted by: teqjack | Jan 12, 2009 9:43:06 PM

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