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January 19, 2009

'Eureka: A Prose Poem' — by Edgar Allan Poe


"On a snowy night toward the end of his life, Edgar Allan Poe delivered a lecture on the origins of universe."

So began John J. Miller's January 15, 2009 Wall Street Journal essay about Poe, the bicentennial of whose birth occurs today.

Miller continued, "It was an unusual topic — Poe was always more interested in death than birth — and the reviews were mixed. Frustrated by the response, Poe announced that 2,000 years would pass before his work was properly admired."

I can't speak for you but me, I don't have that much time.

Wrote Miller, "His remarks were soon published as 'Eureka: A Prose Poem.' The book sold a few hundred copies and then slipped into obscurity, forgotten except for the fact that its author went on to become a giant of American literature in something less than two millennia."

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Once upon a noontime lunchy, as I ate two crackers crunchy,
Filled betwixt with buttered paste of peanuts galore,
Suddenly I heard a crashing, as if one were grimly dashing,
Dashing all my crackers to my chamber floor.
'Tis that junk food expert, I exclaimed, dashing crackers to my chamber floor -
Quoth the Joeman, "Lance is poor."

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