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January 3, 2009

Sprinkler Hide-A-Key


Best one yet.

Much better than under the mat or a flower pot.

I mean, come on... where would you look — and not look?

From the website:

Sprinkler Hide-A-Key

Putting an extra key under the mat is old hat.

Leave a key for family or friends without worry by hiding it in our fake sprinkler head.

The Sprinkler Hide-A-Key sits inconspicuosly in lawn or garden and easily opens when needed.

Durable commercial-grade black PVC plastic.


$6.63 (keys not included).

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Awwww. I thought I had it nailed.

I was close but had the wrong combination.

Posted by: Ray | Jan 3, 2009 1:14:19 PM

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