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January 17, 2009

World's first water-powered dental appliance


Why mess around with dangerous electricity and costly batteries and filling finicky reservoirs when your lowly faucet can provide all the energy you need to keep your gingival margins pink and healthy?

I mean, it's your very own Hoover Dam in the privacy of your bathroom or kitchen, if that's where you do this sort of business (if that's the case, let's meet up somewhere else, OK? I'm just saying...).

From websites:

    ProFloss™ Dental Waterjet

    The first faucet-powered waterjet that promotes easy oral health care.

    ProFloss Dental Waterjet cleans between teeth, massages gums and freshens breath.

    No electricity required and no batteries needed — it simply attaches to your faucet in seconds.

    It takes up no counter space and there's no reservoir to fill.

    Just turn on the water and it's ready to use.

    Includes four-speed water control handle with 46" flexible hose, faucet aerator, two waterjet picks and zippered storage pouch.



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You could always use it to clean your toothbrush.

Posted by: Ray | Jan 17, 2009 8:48:16 PM

Not with Houston water. Not in a million years. Teeth would probably fall out. Lord knows what's in that stuff.

Posted by: Toothless Miles | Jan 17, 2009 3:53:57 PM

Dental appliance, right, uh-huh.
Yeah, prolly best not to carry on that sort of business in your kitchen.
At least wait till everybody's out of the house.

Posted by: Flautist | Jan 17, 2009 2:16:46 PM

I wouldn't use it. Look at the tube that gets the water from the sink to the toothbrush- that can't be cleaned. Surely other peoples' water is different (city water has chlorine bleach in it) but we have well water, and if it sits too long it gets slimy. I never keep twisty straws or those straws that come with some water-bottles either- I consider those one-time use only. I don't use anything for food or drink that can't be thoroughly washed out.

Posted by: Lilorfnannie | Jan 17, 2009 1:37:31 PM

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