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February 11, 2009

Best ad of the year


Above, it appeared on the inside back cover of this past Sunday's New York Times Magazine.

Loree Rodkin's gonna sell a lot of those rings.

Not that she needs any help.

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Moon Jar


They've been busy out back in the Mason jar skunk works ever since the now-ubiquitous Sun Jar appeared back in 2007.

Now they've captured moonlight in a bottle.


Can starlight be far behind?

How do you spell "tokamak?"


Karl Lagerfeld, call your office — a prototype's ready for your inspection.

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'My other shoes are Lamborghinis'


Don't get your baggies in a twist — they're strictly 2-D.

From yesterday's Jalopnik: "... Tim Cooper... created these ultra-fine (and likely ultra-lightweight) white and carbon fiber Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera high heels using a pair of his wife's heels and hundreds of Gallardo images from around the 'net. He modeled and rendered them in  Modo and added the smoke and text in  Photoshop for this mock advertisement. We urge you to not show your lady friends this image because at this point, the Lambo heels live strictly in Tim's 3-D world which would surely disappoint her enough to make you go out and buy her a new pair of shoes for your mistake."

[via James Thornburg]

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Chewed gum — Episode 2: It's in your hair it's everywhere


Just in from my friend Jan-Philipp Wittrin of POG Design in Germany in response to yesterday's Chewed Gum Magnets, the nifty Chewed Gum Pin and Barrette pictured above and below.

"Im Blasenmachen ist Candy schon lange Weltmeisterin. Auch die Beauty-Accessoires der Bubblegumqueen sind echt rekordverdächtig und die Konkurrenz kann sich den Sieg in die Haare schmieren."

What, you don't understand German?

What's wrong with you?



"Candy has always been the world champion in bubble blowing. Even her beauty accessories are seriously record-breaking. With them no competition can be lost."

Both the pin and barrette are polyurethane.

Pin: 2cm x 1cm.

Barrette: 3.5cm x 1cm.

Pin in Light Yellow, Light Pink, Light Blue or Pastel Green.

Barrette in Light Yellow, Light Pink, Light Blue or Pastel Green.



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Lock Bumping

Above, the problem.

Below, how it works.

Below, how to make bump keys.

Below, prevention.

[via jojopotatoes]

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Drink Selector Mug — 'A great way to tell the barrister in your favorite coffee shop how you want your drink'


Hey, don't blame me, I'm only the messenger.

You could look it up.

"Twist rings to reveal your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences. Perfect if you work in a call center or are always on the phone — no conversation necessary."

"The many options include: Decaf, Mocha, Tea, Latte, Cappuccino, Herb Tea, Hot Chocolate, plus various options for sweeteners and milks to get your morning drink just the way you like it."

Party like it's $19.99 — 'cause it is.

The way the economy's going, I wouldn't be surprised if one day soon the person taking your drink order at Starbucks was a legal eagle in a previous life.

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Nikolai Aldunin: Master of Miniatures — 'The higher goal, the greater should be the desire'


Above and below, the artist and examples of his work.

From a website:

"Master Microminiature Aldunin Nikolai was born September 1, 1956 in the village of South Lamovatka Voroshilovgradskoy area. Of all the natural and artificial materials from childhood love of metals and metal izdeliya. Rabotaya metalworker, and then Tokarev in the industry, realizing the secrets of all metal. Somehow domestic chutem immediately unmistakably selected mode of cutting metal is allowed to increase the number of products, improving their kachestvo. Suschestvuyuschuyu “technology, metals” Nikolai finds imperfect. Several years ago he had the idea hack fleas. We prove that not in vain N. Leskov was sung and the whole world glorified it Tula artists. Two years of writing, and then sat down for the microscope. Three months later, when finished, I understood that “found himself” in Microminiature. He resigned from work and decided to seriously address this very difficult and interesting craft. Believe that human life depends on the willingness of goals: the higher goal, the greater should be the desire."

Up top, the answer to the perennial question, "How many camels can pass through the eye of a needle? (7)

Below, the artist in his studio.


Below, an AK-47 on a matchstick. It is 1.625mm long and took 6 months to make.


Below, a T34 tank on a 2mm-long split apple seed.


Below, the same tank from overhead.


Below, a 2mm-long bicycle on a garment needle.


Below, the artist


with an essential tool of his trade.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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