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February 13, 2009

Silent Disco

"Silent disco is where instead of using a traditional speaker system, everyone is given wireless headphones."

That's different.

More: "We then have two DJs playing at the same time on two different channels. So if you don't like the first DJ just flick the switch and listen to the other DJ."

bookofjoe suggestion: If you don't like either DJ, use your iPod.

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Limited-Edition Thermometer Sweater — Wear your temperature on your sleeve


Beats your heart, doesn't it?

テンプリチャーセーター) は両腕に温度のディスプレイを装備しています。一方はセ氏一方は華氏を表示しています。フリース素材でできた本体は、柔らかな鎧のように、しかしセクシー に上半身を包み込みます。構造は機織り機の幅がデザインを決定していた時代の手法を採用。古く新しく、ユーモラスに日々の生活を彩ります。

材質: フリース、センサー、デジタルディスプレイ

Oh, sorry, forget about that for a sec....

Product Details: A snug, fleece sweater sports a radiant yet discreet temperature-display on each sleeve (one in Fº and one in Cº).

Limited edition of 200.

That better?


Apply within.

[via 7Gadgets]

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Free online games

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We like free.

Something for everyone here.

There goes the day.

Fair warning.

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DEBO Superheroes


From the January 30, 2009 New York Times "Pulse" feature: "DEBO superheroes by Kamibashi are handmade leather tricks


that bestow special 'powers,' such as the power to have a good hair day, find a job you like


or make sure your boyfriend's family isn't totally insane."



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Edgar Allan Poe on the origin of the universe


OK, everyone who read his 1848 work "Eureka: A Prose Poem" in its entirety after I postedlink to it on January 19, 2009, the bicentennial of Poe's birth, step forward.


joe, looks like you're talking to yourself.

So what's new?

But I digress.

I did the heavy lifting for you and now bring you excerpts from Poe's dense and astoundingly prescient view of the origin of the universe from his 1848 perspective.


My general proposition, then, is this: In the original unity of the First Thing lies the Secondary Cause of all things, with the germ of their inevitable annihilation.

We need so rapid a revolution of all things about the central point of sight that, while the minutiae vanish altogether, even the more conspicuous objects become blended into one. Among the vanishing minutiae, in a survey of this kind, would be all exclusively terrestrial matters. The Earth would be considered in its planetary relations alone. A man, in this view, becomes mankind; mankind a member of the cosmical family of intelligences.

Let us now endeavor to conceive what matter must be, when, or if, in its absolute extreme of simplicity. Here the reason flies at once to imparticularity — to a particle — to one particle — a particle of one kind — of one character — of one nature — of one size — of one form — a particle, therefore, "without form or void" — a particle positively a particle at all points — a particle absolutely unique, individual, undivided, and not indivisible only because He who created it, by dint of his will, can by an infinitely less energetic exercise of the same will, as a matter of course, divide it.

The error of our progenitors was quite analogous with that of the wiseacre who fancies he must necessarily see an object the more distinctly, the more closely he holds it to his eyes.

Oneness, then, is all that I predicate of the originally created matter; but I propose to show that this oneness is a principle abundantly sufficient to account for the constitution, the existing phenomena and the plainly inevitable annihilation of at least the material universe.

The willing into being the primordial particle, has completed the act, or more properly the conception, of creation. We now proceed to the ultimate purpose for which we are to suppose the particle created — that is to say, the ultimate purpose so far as our considerations yet enable us to see it — the constitution of the universe from it, the particle.

Now I have elsewhere ("Murders in the Rue Morgue") observed that it is by just such difficulties as the one now in question — such roughnesses — such peculiarities — such protuberances above the plane of the ordinary — that reason feels her way, if at all, in her search for the true. By the difficulty — the "peculiarity" — now presented, I leap at once to the secret — a secret which I might never have attained but for the peculiarity and the inferences which, in its mere character of peculiarity, it affords me.

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Tooth Piks – 'Molars on a mission'


Clever: one side is a little party fork and the other a spoon for scooping and spreading.

Your fingers can do both and they're always handy?


That's precisely why these were invented.

23 sparkling white teeth and one gold molar for $5.99.


Cheap at half the price.

Wait a minute....

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Foldsmobile Origami


"A four-seater tourer that slides in on itself to create a space-saving, two-seater city runaround. (The back seats slot into the hollow front seats; the doors are 'symbiotically interlatchable'). Its 175bhp provides adequate grunt, and it has five-speed manual transmission."

[via today's Financial Times "How To Spend It" magazine supplement]

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Mix Tape Flash Drive


So mashed up it's crazy.

64MB = 1 hour of music.


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