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February 22, 2009

'The best clothing inspires fear' — Cintra Wilson


Best quote of the month, from her February 10, 2009 "Critical Shopper" column in the New York Times.

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Bamboo Spork — Mouth Thumb Drive



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Procrastination and its delights — Episode 3: 'Measure My Procrastination'


Find out just how bad yours is, courtesy of Piers Steel.

Ready, set, go.

[cartoon up top via We Blog Cartoons]

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What is it?


Answer here this tomorrow.

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And the most annoying website award goes to...


This one.

[via Ashley Simko, who wrote in her blog, "I warned you."]

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Spill-Proof Drinking Cup with Integrated Light-Sensing LED

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That's some serious technology in the drinking space.

TechnoDolts™ will please move along, nothing to see here.

Everyone else may proceed.

From the website:


Lite Cup

Special 360-degree silicone seal ensures that liquid is released only when you actively sip around the top of the closed cup, so when you remove your lips it's sealed instantly — you can even drink from this cup while laying down without making a mess.

Light-sensitive base with on/off switch emits a soft glow only in low light to preserve battery (included).

Dishwasher safe.


2 3456789i


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PACO House — Small is beautiful


cube measuring three meters on a side employing solar and wind energy, water recycling and a biodegradable toilet.


Designed by Jo Nagasaka and Schemata Architecture Office.


"The Paco House is available in four basic plans.


Plan A features the kitchen, shower, shower curtains, bathroom, epoxy painted floor and ceiling lighting


at a total price of 6,300,000 yen.


Plan B boasts a kitchen, epoxy painted floor and ceiling lighting


at a price of 5,250,000 yen.


Plan C features the epoxy painted floor and ceiling lighting


for 4,725,000 yen.


Plan D is the home’s basic shell, which you can customize to your needs and interests,


selling for 4,200,000 yen."

[via What We Do Is Secret]

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5 Minute Candle


Looks like an ordinary book of matches but opens to reveal 10 small candles.

2 books, each with 10 candles: $7.

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