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February 27, 2009

Welcome to the People's Republic of Facebook


Reading in today's Financial Times that "The social networking site announced [yesterday] two new governing documents, the Facebook Principles and the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities," I got to thinking about how Facebook seems to be evolving and morphing into an entity that's part country, part multinational corporation, à la Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash."

I mean, you've got your Facebook Principles/Bill of Rights (top) and your Statement of Rights and Responsibilities/Constitution (below).


You've got a population of 175-million plus that's growing by leaps and bounds and can communicate instantly, with smart mobs ready to mobilize anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's grand panjandrum, told the Wall Street Journal's Jessica E. Vascellaro, "This is about policy and the foundations.... We are going to take these policies and build them into the product, which changes every day."


The future belongs to the connected.

All others, your days of passing GO and collecting $200 just for showing up are overwell over .

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Bag that hat — Isaac Mizrahi's new headgear


Mizrahi unveiled his Bag Hats last week at his


Fall Winter 2009 Presentation at Fashion Week in New York.


I'd wear one.


joe — tell us something we don't know.

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Jumbo Jet Hostel


It's a Boeing 747-200 parked at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport,


"only a ten minute walk away from the check-in counters.


Perfect for anyone catching an early flight who doesn't want


to get out of bed before dawn to make it to the airport in time."


25 rooms of assorted capacities and sizes,


including the cockpit suite (second photo from top) with spectacular views.


Book here.

[via inhabitat]

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'Carbon Copies' by Nadine Jarvis — The dead can write


From the website:


Carbon Copies

Pencils made from the carbon of human cremains. 240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash — a lifetime supply of pencils for those left behind.

Each pencil is stamped with the name of the person. Only one pencil can be removed at a time, it is then sharpened back into the box causing the sharpenings to occupy the space of the used pencils. Over time the pencil box fills with sharpenings — a new ash, transforming it into an urn. The window acts as a timeline, showing you the number of pencils left as time goes by.

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John Maeda — 'Simplicity Patterns'

Talk given at the TED conference in 2007.

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Blood Spill Pillow


Eran Abramson wrote on walyou's blog, "I am not sure if this Blood Spill PIllow is horrifying or hilarious."




He continued, "It could definitely be a great way to prank and scare all your friends, or even cause your mom to have a heart attack.




Clearly, great minds think alike.


More: "Fromkeetra has presented amazing pillow designs entitled Blood Puddle Pillows... a project that was inspired when loved ones sleeping by you are in a state of complete stillness, making you wonder of their wellness."


From Fromkeetra: "The pillows are inspired by those suspenseful moments when a sleeping loved one is a little too still for a little too long. Using an irreverent combination of comfort & fear the pillows parallel sleep & death. Project goal: taking ownership of morbidly intrusive thoughts through humor & play."


I can feature that.

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World's smallest radio consists of 1 carbon nanotube — listen to it play 'Layla'


Listen here.

The world's smallest and simplest radio was created by Alex Zettl's group at the University of California, Berkeley.

Here's a link to Ed Regis's article in the March 2009 Scientific American about the minuscule device.

Here's the abstract of the October 2007 Nano Letters paper which first described it.


Nanotube Radio


We have constructed a fully functional, fully integrated radio receiver from a single carbon nanotube. The nanotube serves simultaneously as all essential components of a radio:  antenna, tunable band-pass filter, amplifier, and demodulator. A direct current voltage source, as supplied by a battery, powers the radio. Using carrier waves in the commercially relevant 40−400 MHz range and both frequency and amplitude modulation techniques, we demonstrate successful music and voice reception.



Images and movies of the nanotube radio can be found at Zettl's group's website.

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Poopy-Time Fun Shapes


"It's about to get Poopy!™"

"Make bathroom time fun time again with the original SafeGlide adapter and Poopy-Time shapes!"

[via Ashley Simko and John Sibley's For Your Entertainment]

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