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February 2, 2009


Charlottesville View

Charlottesville-based New York Times photographer Andrew Shurtleff is the majordomo and grand panjandrum of this new website, featuring all manner of photos of my Podunk town and surrounding countryside (above).

From the website: "We'd like to invite you to become a contributor to Charlottesville Stock Photography. CSP offers local photographers a new venue to distribute their images to area photo buyers. We take care of the research, marketing, promotions and sales, leaving you free to do what you best: create new images. CSP uses industry-standard pricing and provides quarterly reports to its contributing photographers. The site gives you the opportunity to make sales from your current photo stock and give new life to your archived images."

I wonder if they'd be interested in some of the sensational shots of my treadmill workspace featured here over the years.

If you can't make it to Charlottesville physically, a hejira to the center of the bookofjoe metaverse, this photography site's the next best thing.

Mention my name and Andrew will burst out laughing hysterically.

On second thought, perhaps it's best to pretend you never heard of me.

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