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February 19, 2009

Hendrix Electric Vodka Disappears in a Haze


Long story short: The only place you're ever gonna see it from now on is right here.

Here's Dave Itzkoff's February 18, 2009 New York Times "Arts, Briefly" item with the details.


Hendrix-Inspired Vodka Disappears in a Haze

A vodka named for Jimi Hendrix will probably never be experienced by consumers after a judge ruled that the product infringes on his trademarks. Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix, which own and license Hendrix’s likeness and music, said in a statement that they had won a $3.2 million judgment against Craig Dieffenbach and his Electric Hendrix Spirits, maker of Hendrix Electric Vodka. Electric Hendrix Spirits had described the liquor as inspired “by the innovative spirit of legendary musician Jimi Hendrix,” but the judge, Thomas S. Zilly of Federal District Court in western Washington State, prohibited the company from using Hendrix products for commercial purposes and ordered that the vodka and any related advertising be withdrawn.

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his sister only met jimi a few times...and craig dieffenbach was helping out leon hendrix in a lawsuit because he was out of the will (supposedly-and i believe it-becase of janie) and most hendrix members got no money after Al died. hendrix electric did legaly have the name.....janie just was scared they would take her business away and claimed that the two companies would get confussed......she sued more than once....guess she finally won....wish she hadn't

Posted by: Sara | Feb 24, 2009 11:26:34 PM

They shouldn't worry about the copyright infringement, there's millions of Hendrix bootlegs around. The Hendrix Estate is pretty greedy in my book. His siter had little to do with him in real life and then claimed the estate as her own. The bag...

Posted by: Jesse | Feb 19, 2009 5:21:03 PM

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