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February 27, 2009

World's smallest radio consists of 1 carbon nanotube — listen to it play 'Layla'


Listen here.

The world's smallest and simplest radio was created by Alex Zettl's group at the University of California, Berkeley.

Here's a link to Ed Regis's article in the March 2009 Scientific American about the minuscule device.

Here's the abstract of the October 2007 Nano Letters paper which first described it.


Nanotube Radio


We have constructed a fully functional, fully integrated radio receiver from a single carbon nanotube. The nanotube serves simultaneously as all essential components of a radio:  antenna, tunable band-pass filter, amplifier, and demodulator. A direct current voltage source, as supplied by a battery, powers the radio. Using carrier waves in the commercially relevant 40−400 MHz range and both frequency and amplitude modulation techniques, we demonstrate successful music and voice reception.



Images and movies of the nanotube radio can be found at Zettl's group's website.

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