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February 1, 2009

Programmable Talking Tire Pressure Gauge


TechnoDolts™ will please move along, nothing to see here.

From websites:


Programmable Talking Air Gauge

Talking air gauge calls out the tire pressure!

If your eyes are having trouble reading a tire gauge, how about one with a lighted tip that talks to you and tells you the tire pressure?

Simply push the nozzle of the gauge onto the tire's valve stem and the gauge will speak the air pressure!

You can also program in the front and rear tire pressures (seems like I'm always searching for this information in my manual) so you know where to set them quickly.

Place one in every glove box ... because it's my guess your tires are under-inflated and the increase you'll see in fuel mileage will pay for this gauge in no time!


True enough, I suppose — assuming you're able to figure out how to use it.


For the rest of us, there's this one,


featured here last year.

I've got one and it works just like the man said.

Plus, it's 20% cheaper.

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