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March 3, 2009

Time and space


"Time and space — time to be alone, space to move about — these may well be the greatest scarcities of tomorrow." — Edwin Way Teale, on page 158 of the March, 2009 issue of Juxtapoz magazine.

Photo by John French.

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Flautist gives a lesson — How to pimp your blog in the bookofjoe comments section


Sometimes I feel a little bad going into the comments and deleting the spam, considering that it takes some effort just to get a comment up, what with the Captcha and all.

But then, when something  magnificent like Flautist's just-up rant appears, why, it makes it all worthwhile.

Without furthur ado, then, our very own National Treasure explains it all for you.


So you're one of those gadget thing blogs?  I do that too, only my stuff is way better and actually USEFUL over at my website: ComeKissMyButtAndBuyMyStuff.com.  You'll find much more at ComeKissMyButtAndBuyMyStuff.com because we have more stuff.  Our philosophy is 'complicated stuff for a complicated world' at ComeKissMyButtAndBuyMyStuff.com.  Hey, your real name's Curtis, isn't it?  I think I saw your sister at Costco on Tuesday in the hairdryer dept.  We have those at ComeKissMyButtAndBuyMyStuff.com, I don't know why some idiot would go to Costco. I used to have split ends but then I got a conditioner (available at ComeKissMyButtAndBuyMyStuff.com) and they're all fixed — next I'm tackling the toenail fungus but they say that's really a challenge although my cousin solved hers when she dropped a concrete birdbath on her foot and all her toenails turned black and fell off and she had grown shiny new non-fungusy one underneath!  We have birdbaths at ComeKissMyButtAndBuyMyStuff.com. 

Really like your little website blog thing!

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Happy Square Root Day — 'Party like it's 3-3-09'


Which it is, all day today and into the night until 11:59 p.m., when we have to put away all our dedicated revelry stuff until the next such day, which happens to be April 4, 2016.

The last was on February 2, 2004, which coincided with Groundhog Day.

Here is my question: How is it that this is the first time I've ever heard of Square Root Day?

I mean, I've lived through a bunch of them, and for sure I was tuned in online when the last one happened, but I'd bet good money I've never ever read anything about the existence of such a day, which would've gotten my attention in a major way for sure what with my love of mathematics and quirky numerical concurrences.

No matter, it's here and so am I and that's good enough for me.

FunFact: Square Root Day occurs 9 times (3 squared) each century (100 years = 10 squared).

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Rest in Pieces (your ashes to dust)


Wrote the artist, Nadine Jarvis,


"A ceramic urn


with a lifespan


of 1-3 years.


The thread




causing the urn to drop,


and smash


as it hits the ground."


Above and below, stills from 

Roma Levin's 32-second long video.

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Estupipedia — Gets my vote for best blog name of the year


Great looking header, too.

Cast your vote here.

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Marcel Duchamp's Anemic Cinema (1926)

Shot in Man Ray's studio.

[via Jerry Young]

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What are they?


Answer here


this time tomorrow.

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Muscle City Car Museum Opens Today


Rick Treworgy's Muscle Car City Museum in Punta Gorda, Florida features nearly 200 muscle cars — souped up, tricked-out Camaros, Corvettes, GTOs and their ilk, all detailed and polished to a T.

According to Rebecca Heslin's February 27, 2009 USA Today story, "Museum owner and auto aficionado Treworgy owns 64 Chevy Corvettes and 12 Pontiac GTOs, so opening a museum chockablock with cars seemed like a natural move. There's a speed shop next door for muscle-car enthusiasts to trick out their own rides with hard-to-find parts."

zoom Zoom ZOOM.

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