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March 7, 2009

MorphWorld: Harolyn Blackwell into Thandie Newton

Harolyn Blackwell

The resemblance struck me only yesterday, when I happened on a photo of the American lyric coloratura soprano Ms. Blackwell (above).

Though she's years 17 years older than the 36-year-old Ms. Newton (below),

Thandie newton 100

their similarity is, at least to this observer, remarkable.

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Frog Purse — 'Kiss me, I'm Irish'


Do they have frogs in Ireland?

Or just princes?

I'm sure my Hibernian readers will let me know in no uncertain terms.

From the website: "Colorful molded frog holds his shape — as well as all your necessities — and will gather tons of attention wherever you go."

As if you needed any more.

But I digress.

Continuing, "The zip-up top opens to reveal a bright orange nylon-lined interior with one pocket."

7" handles on a 15"-long PVC frog.


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The item above came in last evening just when I'd gotten my pj's on and was heading for bed.

I slept on it but it doesn't make any more sense to me this morning than it did then.

The return address is Russia's Simplex Group.





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'Terracotta' Bud Vase


Ceramic version of a terracotta pot meant for one stem, designed by Scott Henderson.

Test tube-sized inner chamber holds water and stabilizes bud.

Non-porous stoneware requires no saucer.

Made in Thailand.

4.5"H x 4.75"Ø.


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How to use Google maps to find bus routes and stops

A useful tip from teqjack — part of a comment on a February 25, 2009 post about subway maps — follows.


A while back I noticed something else of great interest to me: Google Maps satellite/hybrid versions display bus stops!

So now if I want to go somewhere I have not been, I:

1. Look up my destination

2. Scan around for the bus symbol

3. Find the bus route number

4. Optionally, go to the transit website to find schedules.

Lots better than the route maps published by transit companies/authorities which actually list maybe 1 stop in 20, so even if you can figure out which route to use you don't know where the blinking blue blazes the stop you want is.


Google's tutorial has more.

Bonus: They've configured things so you can use the feature from your phone.

The video up top explains how.

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Giant Ice Ball Maker


Will a 2"-diameter ice sphere work for you?

If yes, now you know where to find one.


Two, actually.


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bookofjoe's Top 10 subjects

It has been said that you can define a person by their obsessions.

I shudder to think of the composite generated by mine, as expressed in this space for the past four and a half years.

I didn't have my crack research team spend a week running the numbers, but instead simply went ahead and listed the first ten things that popped into my head.

Lucky for me, there's plenty of room at the top.

In no particular order:

1. Butter dispensers

2. Solving the problem with what's in the room

3. Clocks, watches and timers

4. Elimination

5. Cats

6. Procrastination

7. Electrical accessories such as extension cords, socket multipliers and their ilk

8. China and India

9. Treadmills

10. William Gibson

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Where's the rest of me? — Michael Kors


From his Fall 2009 Collection.

At first I was startled; then I wasn't sure if I liked it or not; now I love it.

[via Haute Addiction]

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