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March 24, 2009

Tubenfarbe (breathing book) — by Edith Kollath

"On a trip home to show the books in Germany, the TSA detained her and took the books from her. The story is bizarre and strange and reflects the very weird times we live in today."

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PlatyPreserve — Oxygen-free wine preservation in the back country


We know that wine starts to go bad due to oxidation from the moment you open the bottle, hence the rise of vacuum-pump systems to keep the contents at their best.

Now comes PlatyPreserve to let you carry your favorite bottle wherever you decide to wander — without the extra two pounds of fragile glass.

You pour in the wine, squeeze the bag to eliminate the air, tighten the cap and Bob's your uncle.

Wired magazine, reviewing the device in the April 2009 issue, wrote, "Built for backpackers yet handy for discerning drunks everywhere."

I wonder if they get bookofjoe in Indiana....


$11.95 (wine not included).

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How a CT scanner sees the world


Bill Womack sent me a link to this page, writing, "How can I get a home-version CT scanner?"


"In the summer of 2007, artist and medical student Satre Stuelke started the Radiology Art project."


"Stuelke acquires the images on an older four-slice CT scanner that is used for research."


"Most scan parameters include a 120kV tube voltage, 100mA current, 0.625mm slice thickness and interval, 1:1 pitch, 1.25mm beam collimation, and a speed of 1.25mm/rotation."


"The resulting DICOM images are then processed in Osirix software on a Macintosh iMac computer."


"Colors are assigned based on the varying densities of materials present throughout the object."


"Depending on the spread of densities within a particular subject, black or white backgrounds are chosen. Images are further processed in Adobe Photoshop for proper contrast and balance."

Images from the top down: Barbie doll, DeLonghi toaster, mid-20th-century rubber duck, McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich, wind-up drumming bunny, Swanson's Hungry Man TV dinner, toy rocket.

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bookofjoeTV — Hailey Frances, WCAV-TV anchor-reporter, brings you exclusive footage from live atop the bookofjoe treadmill

What a trouper Ms. Frances (above and below) proved to be.

No sooner did I suggest she take a turn atop the bookofjoe World Headquarters™ treadmill for her interview with me for today's WCAV-TV (CBS) Charlottesville, Virginia 5 and 6 p.m. news broadcasts than she stepped right up (in very fashionable 3" heels) onto the machine to broadcast right then and there.

bookofjoe fans are privileged to get a preview of coming attractions with not one — not two — but three (3!) videos shot with my trusty little RCA Small Wonder $100 pocket video cam.


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Glass Half Empty — The Coming Water Wars


Much more here.

[via Milena]

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BehindTheMedspeak (Literally): Fashionista Fanny Pack


Like Elton John said, "You know I read it in a magazine."

In this case it was this past Sunday's T Magazine supplement to the New York Times.

My North Face fanny pack's getting on in years, looking a little scruffy around the zippers.

Maybe it's time for an upgrade from you know Vu.

From the website:



Pochette Gange

Adjustable cotton strap can be worn around the shoulder or the waist.

Double zip-around closure.

Outside flat pocket.

Brass hardware.

5.3" x 9" x 2".




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Underwater Sculptures — Jason deCaires Taylor

Those in the video above are located in Grenada, West Indies.

The sculptor plants statues on the ocean floor, allowing time, coral, urchins and fish to transform them into artificial reefs.

"The sculptures are sited in clear shallow waters to afford easy access by divers, snorkelers and those in glass-bottomed boats."

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UFO Drink Coaster — 'Jim Beam me up, Scotty'


Clear plastic drink coaster with 6 colored LEDs.

Flashes between red, green and blue or lights all colors simultaneously.

4.75" (12cm) Ø rubber base with 3" (8cm) Ø illuminated drink stand.

Uses 3 LR44 watch batteries (included).


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