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March 27, 2009

Google Classic — 'Please allow 30 days for search results'


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Andy Warhol Flower Plate


Green, Orange or Yellow.


Melamine, 8" x 8".



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1pm006, Ara Araunara — by Magdalena Fernández

The Caracas-based artist created an animated riff on the formalist canvases of Ellsworth Kelly.

The 58-second-long segment above comprises half the piece, which in toto runs one minute, 55 seconds.

Wrote Jessica Dawson in today's Washington Post review, "Fernández imagined her video as a wrestling match between the big blocks of color set against one another in a typical formalist canvas. Here, Fernandez pits unmatched rivals: to the left, two-thirds of her screen is occupied by an obstinate expanse of blue. To its right, a much smaller rectangle of yellow sits atop a patch of lime. The video finds the puny yellow pushing up against the blue, attempting to annex space from its rival. This proves a Sisyphean task."

"The video's proceedings wouldn't mean much without Fernández's soundtrack. As yellow strains against blue, we hear what sounds like a grown man grunting and huffing. But the joke is on us: The soundtrack turns out to be the recording of a squawking parrot, a bird oblivious to modernism's dominance."

The 2006 piece (in its entirety) is part of a show entitled "Space, Unlimited," up through April 12, 2009 at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, D.C.

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Beer Soap


No end


of suds.






to choose




Apiece, $5.

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The Forever Stamp — by Roz Chast


Prolly my favorite cartoonist on the planet.

Tom Toles runs a close second.

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fly-goodbye: how do you spell 'overkill?'


Just in, this new über-flykiller which employs a vacuum and internal tube adhesion — sort of like an automatic Jabba the Hutt — to suck flies in when you pull the trigger.

One problem from my perspective: you need to be within 1-3cm of the fly (about an inch or so away) for it to be effective.

Most flies in my neck of the woods will have vacated the premises long before that happens.


To be fair, though, consider that just four days ago here I featured the laser mosquito killer.

So maybe this device isn't overkill at all but, rather, the bleeding edge of a new wave of high-tech approaches to an age-old problem.


Bonus: It's fly-friendly.

That's right.

It features an internal catch-and-release cartridge so no harm comes to the flies you catch.

Coming May 1, 2009.



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Password Strength Checker


How's yours?

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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