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March 21, 2009

Handpresso — World's Smallest Espresso Machine


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Handpresso Wild


If you are an espresso aficionado, you know that the key to great espresso (next to good water and good coffee) is the pressure that is used to press the water through the coffee.

Which is pretty much the reason that mobile espresso makers have not been successful in the past.



The new Handpresso uses a technology that has been around for decades — and if you own a bike, you most likely have used it it in the past: the pump.

All you need to do is use the handle to pump air into the unit until you reach 16 bars of pressure — then add an E.S.E. pod, pour the hot water, press the release button and dispense espresso with beautiful crema on top.


No electricity needed.


 If you're the videre est credere type, you'll find what you're looking for here.



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I am from Puerto Rico and got my Handpresso through Coffee World Puerto Rico: http://www.coffeeworldpuertorico.ecrater.com I received my Handpresso about a week ago. The first expression is that this Handpresso is just nicely built, as well as the case. Making espresso is very easy, and it takes a minute or so to make a cup. I was impressed with the coffee. Believe me for a portable machine, coffee was great. Now my Handpresso substituted my Krups machine. I use Island Joe's ESE pods and Lavazza Grand Crema. A good hint is: to make sure the espresso has an ok temperature, I heat up my cup as well as the water container adding the boiling water and then adding the water to make the coffee. I always fill a bit more water (a few drops more) so the ESE pods gets soaked before extraction. And it really takes about 30-38 pumps, no big deal. With this I get a great espresso and crema too. I recommend buying ESE pods buy bulks of 100 or 150, it gets cheaper. The unit works best with the standard 7g E.S.E pod.

Posted by: Francisco Rodriguez | Jun 21, 2009 1:37:02 AM

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