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March 17, 2009

Ultimate Walking Stick — 'Noli me tangere'*


Perfect for the little old lady who's ready for an upgrade.

"Official forcible entry tool of the New York Fire Department."


Does that work for you?

I happened on this formidable piece of kit in today's edition of Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools, edited by Steven Leckart.

A fellow named Jackson Nash reviewed it there as follows.


Halligan Bar

Wielded by fire and rescue workers everywhere, the Halligan Bar is the best door-smashing, get-me-the-heck-into/outta-here, zombie-fightin’ tool in the world. The deluxe 30-inch one I have (pic above) is made of high-tensile-strength titanium, so it will never rust and, despite its imposing appearance, weighs just 5.25 lbs. It even has eyelets for a strap! (note: less exorbitant Halligans are available in alloy steel).


So far I've only used mine to do three things: hook one end over a bathroom stall to do pullups, carry it as a hobo's bindle stick and impress people on my walk home from work. Nevertheless, I live in a 17-story apartment building.... Simply knowing I own one puts my mind at ease. Did you ever hear the story of the maintenance guy on 9/11 who hacked his way through a wall using a squeegee? With something as obscenely strong and useful as a Halligan Bar, he'd have been out in seconds.

keep mine leaning against the wall in the corner, where it waits for the day when I need to smash into or out of something... or I hear screams of "He's trapped inside!" or "The Zombies are here!"



30-inch titanium (5.25 lbs.): $555.

30-inch alloy steel (10 lbs.): $194.99.

*Don't touch me

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It is only useful if you are into construction or auto demolition teardowns and emergency/fire rescue. Walking around with one, as heavy as it is, is just plain stupid and attention male/macho ego whoremongering. You'd have to be a powerlifter/bodybuilder to even heft it around for self protection. As an ex-fire fighter seeing civilian try to appropriate tools and clothing used in occupations they are pathetically unable to perform but want to ape the look is annoying and pathetic. Like people walking around in scrubs and stethoscopes or nursing clothing but aren't in the health profession.

Posted by: guest | Mar 17, 2009 5:12:26 PM

If you're Nuf Sed, can I be Hare-Brained?

I can see the poster now...

Posted by: Jackson Nash | Mar 17, 2009 4:03:20 PM

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