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March 30, 2009

When Snow White met Steve Jobs


Just because your laptop's Apple's cheapest doesn't mean it can't be the coolest.


[via LübeckerJung, noquedanblogs, Gizmodo and Doobybrain]

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Actually, they're available on Etsy.com - just type in snow white mac sticker and it should come up.

Posted by: Kirsty | Jun 16, 2009 10:43:09 PM

Look a little closer and you can notice its a decal, neat idea... just trying to find one will be the hard part.

Posted by: Closer | Apr 11, 2009 11:20:14 PM

I built my own computers at one time... until I realized that unless you need the best today, now, you're better off to just pay someone else to do things for you.

And in some ways, that's more satisfying then doing it yourself.

Posted by: Rocketboy | Apr 6, 2009 5:49:48 PM

The image shouldn't be moved, as some people have suggested. The wicked stepmother/witch took the first bite of the apple to prove to Snow White that it wasn't poisonous, but bit from the non-poisoned side. Snow White is now ready to bite into the deadly side of the apple.

Heh heh...poisoned apple.

Posted by: Melody | Apr 6, 2009 3:22:05 PM

Suppose you could do a similar image with Eve.

Posted by: Alan | Apr 6, 2009 2:20:07 PM

My dgt would love this!

Posted by: mark | Apr 5, 2009 5:08:04 PM

Pretty darn cute! Thanks

Posted by: Laura | Apr 4, 2009 12:50:25 AM

Wouldn't it make more sense to reverse her picture?

Posted by: Luke | Apr 3, 2009 10:10:02 PM

The apple is on the wrong side... Nice One! I never like the Mac though. Great!

Posted by: dpro | Apr 2, 2009 9:10:54 AM

Oh my gosh! How and/or where can I get this?! Is it just a printed decal?
I need to have this

Posted by: Brenna | Apr 2, 2009 4:37:14 AM

Clever idea

Posted by: Johnson Koh | Apr 1, 2009 11:21:53 PM

It's backwards!!

Posted by: joe | Apr 1, 2009 10:33:49 PM

I was never a big fan of laptop graphics but I do like laser engraved/etched art

Posted by: Gizmo | Apr 1, 2009 9:58:15 PM

Brilliant. I love the creativity!

Posted by: Umeewee | Apr 1, 2009 6:31:39 PM

I concur with an earlier commentator who mentioned that Snow White eating the apple (while a very cool image) wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Good way to set yourself apart from the masses of Apple users on the subway I guess... =/

Posted by: CPA Exam Review consultant | Apr 1, 2009 4:34:02 PM

i'm just the kind of person for that =D

Posted by: maylie | Apr 1, 2009 3:11:26 PM

I have been building my own computers since the Altair - anybody remember that? - and got turned onto Mac twelve years ago. Not only has it been the cheapest path, since I haven't spent any time formatting my hard drive, upgrading hardware, reinstalling the OS, or trying to recover data lost to viruses (never used any antiviral software), I have also been able to use the same hardware about three times as long as every PC I have owned, so I could buy three PC's for every Mac and still come out ahead. Rationalize all you want, but there is a very good reason people may use their PC's, but they love their Macs.

Posted by: topdoc | Apr 1, 2009 5:00:54 AM

Nice image!

but to all the apple haters-
being someone who has had long-term use on Windows, Mac, and Linux;
Windows is worst
and Mac and linux tie.
The horrible thing about that is the fact that linux was free, but mac will run you to the thousands for the basics.

Posted by: GeekE | Apr 1, 2009 1:29:32 AM

Brilliant, funny and clever. If we stick to the tale it can be a microsoft add, but of course it will be to difficult to "read" in that way...its really a great idea.

Posted by: Carlos | Mar 31, 2009 11:27:35 PM

So... Basically everyone hating on the Mac like Talloodles is perfectly comfortable stereotyping everyone into one large category based on the computer they buy?
I like PCs, I like Macs.
I'd like to build my own computer but I normally mess it up and they don't last very long which means buying either type of computer works so much better for me.
But! Because my work place requires Macs I really have no choice.
Does this make me a indie now?

Posted by: Eh | Mar 31, 2009 9:36:22 PM

Nice one. Now I want a Mac!

Posted by: Vic | Mar 31, 2009 9:32:34 PM

I agree. You can get two awesome computers for the price of a dinky Apple. I am so glad I got a (Mac(k)ed) up HP that performs brilliantly than a dinkier Apple at twice the cost.

Posted by: Steve | Mar 31, 2009 6:59:42 PM

who said it was a sticker? Its probably painted on

Posted by: Chris | Mar 31, 2009 4:32:55 PM

Now I am by no means an apple fan but this is awesome!


Posted by: momo | Mar 31, 2009 10:36:29 AM

ahhh i want this so much! where can i get it? does it say?
i need this sticker to feel complete!!!

Posted by: Talloodles | Mar 31, 2009 10:22:54 AM

yes apple does tend to lure the masses in like foolish little girls. the victim this time is their wallets
i dont care if apple is slightly superior or not, they dont seem at all superior to me, the amount you would save on building your own computer would be enough to buy two ipods, five regular mp3 players, as i also hate ipods for their overpricing.
srsly guys, you arent paying extra for better machinery, you're paying extra to look awesome and trendy and unique and indie and follow all the other indies out there....hey wait..

Posted by: mehmeh | Mar 31, 2009 10:11:24 AM

After admiring the artistry and talent, it did sink into my brain how the apple in "Snow White" was a rather nasty tool of the villain. I hate to bring it up, but Adaid already spilled the beans, so the owner will have to wonder about the message.

Still, it's really nice to look at.

Posted by: Blaze | Mar 31, 2009 9:53:34 AM

Now I am by no means an apple fan but this is awesome!

Posted by: avisioncame | Mar 31, 2009 9:31:45 AM

Now that was clever. My wife would probably love this.

Posted by: Rob | Mar 31, 2009 8:43:38 AM


Posted by: Adaid SEO | Mar 31, 2009 5:29:01 AM

I wonder if anyone has noticed the sort-of accidental knock at Apple and a major burn on the user of this Apple brand computer itself...Snow White ate an apple which was poison...analogy oh

Posted by: frame | Mar 31, 2009 4:40:55 AM

That was one of the coolest personalisations I have seen for a lap ;-)

Posted by: Selig | Mar 31, 2009 2:40:52 AM

That has got to be the coolest laptop overlay I've ever seen! Great incorporation of the apple logo! If only dell had some image that was a bit more cleaver then it's own name.

Posted by: DanielS | Mar 30, 2009 8:21:18 PM

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