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March 26, 2009

World's cheapest big-screen mini projector


All of a sudden the walls are coming down and the low-priced Goths are at the virtual gates.

Now comes Jakks Pacific with their EyeClops Mini Projector (above), slated to go on sale any day now for $99.

When it happens you'll be the second to know (I'll be the first, having ordered one).

From websites:

"Ever wish you could watch movies on your bedroom ceiling? Play video games outside in a backyard tent? Project the football game on the side of your house so the whole party can watch the big game outdoors? Now it's possible with the EyeClops Mini Projector, a big screen TV experience that fits in the palm of your hand."

"The EyeClops Mini Projector is pocket-sized and lightweight so you can take it anywhere indoors, outdoors and on-the-go, and it uses high-powered LED illumination to project movies, television shows, video games and more up to 70 inches in size from virtually any multi-media device: Blu-ray and DVD players, MP3 and video players, video game consoles — even digital cameras. The EyeClops Mini Projector has built-in speakers and provides up to 10 hours of entertainment using D batteries or unlimited power with the included DC adapter."

It's recommended for ages 8 and up so that means almost everyone reading qualifies.

I'm stoked.

This technology is advancing so fast that by next year it'll be embedded in iPhones and BlackBerrys.

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As a previous owner of this device, let me tell you, it's much better to just spend a little more and get something like the Aaxatech P1 or MPro110.

Posted by: Stephan | Nov 11, 2009 7:44:26 PM

This is the same toy company that makes the "bionic eye" hand held microscope, which is available most everywhere. Figure this'll be the same once it is released. I'm almost afraid to ask what the brightness and contrast ratio are going to be like on this thing, but for projects, this is going to be perfect. DIY multi-touch table, here I come!


Posted by: johnjohn | Mar 27, 2009 12:31:36 PM

If I missed I'm sorry. But I think you left out the website where its available for that price. How could you keep us in suspense like this Joe? We gotta know!

Posted by: Saul | Mar 26, 2009 3:45:50 PM

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