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April 5, 2009

The most striking thing I've read today


"He [Obama] would win an election in any of one of the G-20 countries...."

It's from A. A. Gill's Op-Ed piece in the New York Times.

More: "You often wonder what visiting dignitaries make of your country; American presidents must think that the whole world is in a constant state of riot. Wherever they go, CNN is full of angry banners, burning flags and tear gas."

"The salutary fact is that when you look at the grinning group photograph, there is only one face you want to see. This conference was about saving the world, but more important for the participants, it was about saving their political lives. Mr. Obama is the only popular politician left in the world."

"We may be in the rare position of having an American president who has a deeper mandate among people who could never vote for him than with those who did. For the time being, he has only to offer his hand, and ask politely."

Gill is a contributing writer for Vanity Fair and the Sunday Times of London.

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Strict Chair


Designed by Hugh Hayden.

Plastic; 39" x 33".


Apply within.

[via Cliff Hatch]

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'25 computer products that refuse to die'

Harry McCracken's March 31, 2009 PCWorld article is like a stroll down a geek's memory lane.

Among the highlights: Dot-matrix printers (top), Hayes modems, Sony's mini-disc, Amiga computers, floppy discs and MS-DOS.

[via planète béranger v3]

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TechnoDolt™-friendly rice preparation system


From Studio Verissimo.

[via noquedanblogs and Interior design room]

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to find out if the airbag in a used car still works

Beth DeCarbo's March 24, 2009 Wall Street Journal "Quick Fix" feature has the dope, and follows.


An Air-Bag Check

Problem: You're looking to buy a used car and want to know if the air bag in it works.

Solution: First, inspect the steering wheel and dashboard for signs of tampering, says Ron Nagy, owner of Nagy's Collision Centers, with three auto-body shops in northeastern Ohio. Thieves often make dents and dings in the interior plastics as they pry out the air bags. Also, the air-bag indicator light in the dashboard should glow briefly when the car is first started -- part of the car's diagnostics system. If the light never comes on or continues to glow, the air bag probably isn't functioning. Next, safercar.gov, a government-run Web site allows, drivers to type in the vehicle's identification number, or VIN, to see if one or more air bags have been permanently deactivated. Click on "Air Bags," then under "Air Bag Basics" on the left, click on "Air Bag - VIN number" to search the database. There may be gaps in the data because the site relies on third parties to report whether an air bag has been removed or disabled. If you're still unsure, have a trusted mechanic inspect the car for air bags — as well as the engine and other systems. "We have a scanning tool to look at the system and see if there are any faults" that emerge, Mr. Nagy says. There may be a nominal fee, but since replacement air bags can go for $600 to $800, it may save money in the long run, Mr. Nagy adds.

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I miss you the second you leave — by Colleen Baran


Send an email —


tell her I sent you


and maybe


she'll make one


just for you.

[via woohome and Milena]

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FindAnyFilm.com — that's the good news


"... You type in a film you want to see and it will tell you where it's currently showing, where you can buy it or download it and guide you right through to buying tickets or a DVD link by link," wrote Jonathan Margolis in his "Technopolis" column in this weekend's Financial Times "How To Spend It" magazine.

The bad news: UK only.

Oh, well.

With my British readership consistently between 5% and 10% of my overall traffic, I figure it's OK every now and then to throw it a bone, what?

Free, in any event — the way they like it.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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