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April 10, 2009

Bernard Purdie demonstrates the Purdie Shuffle

Learn from the master.

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If you meet the buddha on the road, [don't] kill him — eat him!


Four little buddha molds come in a set, each a different color.


Use them for pudding, mousse, ice cream, Jello, whatever.



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Shock and amazement as TechnoDolt™'s antediluvian answering machine makes front page of New York Times Styles section

Joe machine 1

You will have to trust me on this, because the online version of Jill Colvin's story, which appeared in the Thursday, April  2, 2009 dead tree version of the paper, put a photo of my Panasonic Model KX-T1461 answering machine (above, in situ) — which is at least 15 years old, maybe 20 or more and still working fine, cassette tape and all — lower in the story.

No matter.

The miracle is that they could even find another one of these wonderfully-made machines.

Answering machine
the picture that appeared in the Times.

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Past, Present, Future Watch — by Daniel Will-Harris


Colleen Baran wrote,  "I  see many things I like and admire but very few that I need when I see them. This is one of those.... modern, zen and cheeky all in one."

33mm (1.3") Ø face.

Stainless steel.




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The Poem That Can't Be Written — by Lawrence Raab

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

is different from the poem
that is not written, or the many

that are never finished—those boats
lost in the fog, adrift

in the windless latitudes,
the charts useless, the water gone.

In the poem that cannot
be written there is no danger,

no ponderous cargo of meaning,
no meaning at all. And this

is its splendor, this is how
it becomes an emblem,

not of failure or loss,
but of the impossible.

So the wind rises. The tattered sails
billow, and the air grows sweeter.

A green island appears.
Everyone is saved.

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
Bay of Islands island 2
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w
WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

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Got vampires? Garlic-scented stakes


Think outside the mole and gopher repellent spaces these were designed for.

From the website:


Mole and Gopher Repellent Stakes

Mole hills and tunnels make a mess of your lawn, and gophers can destroy your landscape as they gnaw on roots, eat flowers and bulbs, and chew on shrubs.

Wondering how to control moles and gophers without resorting to messy traps or dangerous poisons?

Just place one of these 2.75"-long, 100% organic mole and gopher repellent stakes into each of their tunnels, and the garlic/sulfur odor will repel those pesky moles and gophers for 10 to 12 months.

Because these invasive tunnelers rely on a strong sense of smell to find food, the stakes will discourage them from taking up residence in your yard.

This totally organic mole and gopher control is made of garlic oil and other natural extracts, to be really offensive to those pests.

The stakes are biodegradable, and won't harm humans, pets, birds or plants.


12 for $19.99.

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Sit-Com Houses


Via DanMeth.com.

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Smart Funnel


From the website:


Smart Funnel

Measure and pour liquids, powders and small solids simply.

Just close the funnel, fill to desired level, and turn handle to release contents into container openings 1-3/8"Ø or larger — or use extension for openings 5/8"Ø or larger.

Dishwasher safe plastic.

3-3/4"H x 5-1/8"Ø.




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