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April 13, 2009

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures


Above, the website of Canadian college student Matt Preprost at ifoundyourcamera.blogspot.com.

Long story short: It was featured in Brad Stone's extremely interesting April 8, 2009 New York Times front page story about the rise of the Samaritans of cyberspace, who make it their business, sometimes with enormous expenditures of time and effort, to reunite people with their lost objects.

Ernesto Alonso, the terminal agent in charge of Miami International Airport's lost and found, told Stone that "We used to return about 30% of the items we got. With the Internet available to us, that total number is now over half."

There are number of businesses which use the Web to reunite lost items with their owners but to me that's small beer compared to the enormous pony that's hiding in here somewhere.

Someone'll figure it out.

Who knows, maybe you.

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Pencil Sharpener Ring


Designed by


Ignacio Pilotto.

[via noquedanblogs]

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FixMyCellBill.com — '80% of subscribers are using the wrong cellphone plan'


Long story short: For $5 the site will analyze your bill and suggest a plan to minimize your costs and increase your services.


Bob Tedeschi mentioned it in passing in his March 25, 2009 New York Times "Phone Smart" column about the near impossibility of understanding your cellphone bill.

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Clear acrylic cutting board with lip


Think outside the kitchen space.

Like that nice table you like to work at but don't want to mar.

From websites:


Clear acrylic cutting board with lip

Like other kitchen counter cutting boards, these protect your expensive countertops — but they also feature a full-width 2" lip that hangs over your countertop edge to keep the cutting board securely in place.

The clear acrylic doesn't take away from your counter top treatment and is durable enough for cutting bread, chopping vegetables, dicing cheese, and much more.

The board has a large cutting area that gives you plenty of workspace for rolling dough or assembling hors d'oeuvres.

Made of thick 3/16"-thick acrylic, the pebbled cutting surface won't show knife marks.

Plus, these kitchen counter cutting boards won't chip, warp or retain food odors.

Dishwasher safe.


Two sizes.

16" x 18": $27.99.

24" x 18": $29.99.

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Learn to draw Chinese characters in your spare time


Via Milena.

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Cubic Switchplate


Black or White plastic.



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Christopher O'Riley plays Radiohead's 'Exit Music for a Film'

The classical pianist is fascinated with the group's music and has transcribed many of Radiohead's songs for piano, oftimes performing the technically demanding pieces in concert.

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Nordic Rock: No — it's not another ABBA tribute band


Rather, it is what it says, literally: ancient Swedish rocks formed into cubes you put in your freezer for an hour or so before using them to chill drinks — without diluting them.

22mm (0.9") on a side.

Leather pouch.


10 for £15.99.

[via DVICE and Cliff Hatch]

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