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April 24, 2009

Let The Record Show — by Dora Malech

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

I spent the morning trying to remember
the joke about a peanut and assault.
People dropped bombs on each other elsewhere.
I knew that many of them were at fault

and many blameless. I kept my office locked
and the lights off. The phone just kept ringing.
I didn't answer. Nor when someone knocked.
I was supposed to be doing something.

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

 Feather head

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

WHITESPACE 20h x 119w

The author has been a visiting lecturer and primary coordinator for the MA writing program at Victoria University's Institute of Modern Letters in Wellington, New Zealand. She was a teaching-writing fellow at  the Iowa Writer's Workshop and has taught at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is currently adjunct assistant professor of English at Augustana College.

Her first poetry collection, "Inside & Elsewhere," was published in 1999 in a numbered edition of 500.

I'll take one.

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Sonic Suppression Chewing Gum


Created by James Ferguson.

"If the sound of other people's MP3 players sets your teeth on edge, here's an idea to chew over: a dentally-activated malleable, ambient, high-frequency baffler, in the form of a flavoured gum. SShh utilises Selective Sonic Suppression where sounds below 40dB and above 8kHz are silenced by mild pressure generated by the jaw's chewing action and transferred via the maxilla to the eardrum."

[via page 53 of today's Financial Times "How To Spend It" magazine]

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Spreadtweet — Twitter disguised as an Excel spreadsheet



It's yesterday once more, as you sit in your office pretending to work.

Created by Elliott Kember, who got tired of trying hide the fact that he was busy doing something close 2 nothing (but different from the day before).

Free, the way we like it.

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Mom's All-Knowing Answer Ball


Why would you even think about anything else for Mother's Day?

From websites:


When it comes to kids' inevitable questions, and one more question, and oh, just another question, give mom a break and hand over this Answer Ball.

Provides all the classic mom responses including "No Way," "I Wish I Knew," "Life Isn't Fair," "Say Please" and 16 more.






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How to save money on groceries — by Kate Stein


Long story short: "Shop faster."

Her informative piece appeared on the Op-Ed page of the April 15, 2009 New York Times, and follows.


Shopper 46 is making a decision. Stopwatch in hand, I observe her from behind a cereal display. Shopper 46 has been contemplating bananas for four minutes and 43 seconds. Finally, she moves to place one with minimal brown spots in her cart, changes her mind and quickly deposits the unfit specimen back onto the pile of fruit. Shopper 46 exits the produce department with a bargain tub of banana pudding instead.

Interning as a consumer behavior researcher last summer for Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, I observed thousands of supermarket patrons in situ from Whole Foods to Safeway. In this economy, people are increasingly trying to save money by eating in. As Americans make the transition from restaurant tables to supermarket aisles, they are making mistakes that translate into unnecessary expenses at the checkout lane.

Grocery shopping might seem like a mundane, mechanical activity, but look around next time you’re in the store: Despite our best intentions, we buy food impulsively and irrationally.

We go to the supermarket resolved to watch our pennies and choose healthful foods. But we become disoriented when we’re confronted with thousands of products and brands. So we end up spending $3.49 on an accidental bag of Doritos, $1.99 on M&M’s. And besides the calories, these wasted dollars add up fast.

You might think that browsing slowly through the store would help you pick out the best products. But our research shows that’s not the case.

The shoppers I studied who took the longest, examining packages, stopping at whatever caught their eye, invariably spent more money. They tumbled stray, often unhealthy, items into their baskets, and later, when questioned, couldn’t cite a reason for the purchases.

It turns out that making up a precise list beforehand and getting the errand done as quickly as possible is the best way to save money. Cutting time cuts costs, as well.

Bananas? Check. Special on Kozy Shack banana pudding? If it wasn’t indelibly marked on your grocery list, control your instincts and move on quickly

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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How you know you're really and truly a geek


You're more excited about the unveiing of the new editor of Cool Tools next Monday than this weekend's NFL draft.


[photo via Jen Hilton]

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ZipHolder — 'Prevents your zipper from accidentally coming open'


From the website:



With the ZipHolder your zipper will stay up at all times.

Prevents your zipper from accidentally coming open.

No more embarrassing exposure.

Instructions and details:

1. Pull the ZipHolder through the pull tag on your zipper (as shown in the picture and drawing).


2. When you have fastened the ZipHolder to the pull tag, pull the zipper up and place the loop around the button on your fly.

3. When you have buttoned up the fly the ZipHolder is invisible.

4. This will prevent your zipper from coming down at any time.


Appears TechnoDolt™-friendly enough from here.

Three for €3.99 (pants not included).

[via Milena]

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