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April 19, 2009

Bus Junction — 'Aggregator for cheapo buses'

That's how the Washington Post described this website in last Sunday's Travel section item.

Works for me.

From the Post:


The site, which launched last week, gathers low-fare bus information from a dozen major companies (Peter Pan, Bolt, Vamoose, etc.) and posts the best times and prices for a select departure. Simply put, it's an aggegator for cheapo buses. 

When we put in our departure and arrival cities (the District to New York) and date (next Friday), more than 60 results popped up. For a more refined search in Washington, New York and Philadelphia, we could have chosen a specific departure or arrival point, such as Dupont Circle, Chinatown or SoHo.

Sorting by price, we found a $17 one-way fare on Megabus; the highest fare was on DC2NY, $28. A green symbol indicated free WiFi; a yellow lightning bolt signified onboard power outlets. The findings also included departure and arrival addresses and links to the bus companies' Web sites for booking. Finally, one-stop bus shopping.

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