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April 7, 2009



Reader Jerry Russell recently sent me details of his Jaromatic™ automatic jar and bottle opener.

From the website:



Jaromatic is a patented small appliance designed to open all jars and bottles with twist-off lids, from 1" to 12" high and up to 5-1/4" diameter. Glass, plastic, metal, odd shape, small or large, with either metal or plastic lids. One-handed operation with absolutely no strength or effort needed. Just place the jar or bottle in the appliance, press the button, and the Jaromatic will open it and break the safety seal. Even opens most safety-lid medicine bottles.                                     

How it works: The patented mechanism uses a small motor to turn a threaded rod.  This causes the actuating head to travel down inside the appliance.  When it reaches the lid to be opened, the down force is converted to rotational motion.  It only applies enough down force to overcome the resistance of turning the lid. Holding the button makes it continue to rotate, breaking the safety seal so the lid can be unscrewed with no effort needed.

Jaromatic is safe for anyone to use. The door must be closed for the appliance to work, and cannot be opened while in operation so it's safe for children and the disabled to use.




Inventor's update: February 19, 2009

I am 68 years old and want to retire. I have spent 10 years and over $80,000 of my own money on this project. Therefore, I'm offering the Jaromatic for sale for $250,000. Payments can be arranged.

I want to see this useful product produced and marketed. Therefore, I am willing to sell the invention outright. Includes all patents, prototypes, websites, designs, and research.

Or, I will license my invention to a company for a small up-front fee and quarterly payments, charged to future royalties. Submit a proposal or contact me with your offer.

If you're serious about purchasing, please contact me. My contact information is on the company page. 

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