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April 7, 2009

Rage against the machines


OK, so I've just spent the past 90 minutes trying to print out a four page document to look just the way it looks onscreen in Google Docs.

No can do.

So I guess I'll have to live with a bunch of boxes around information that shouldn't be in boxes — the page on Google Docs looks perfect, but when I hit the Print icon it saves it as a PDF to my desktop instead of printing what's on the screen.

Then when I open the PDF there are boxes around stuff that aren't present on the Google Docs screen.

And printing the PDF produces hard copy with the boxes.

Use Google Docs Help?

Been there, did that without success.

Then I played around awhile and got the document to print perfectly, just the way it looks onscreen in Docs – except for one problem: each page has headers and footers with the Google Docs info, document title, date, time of day, page number, etc.

So I went back to last week's post on how to get rid of headers and footers for a how-to, but couldn't get back to the place where I'd been able to print the document at hand with headers and footers.

I give up: game over.

I'm now going to have the document as printed — boxes and all — notarized anyway, then mail it out.

If they don't like it they can kiss my royal frustrated patootie.

And did I mention that I'm unable to use Firefox because it's simply too clunky?

And that though I now use Gmail because my MacMail broke, I'm still finding it way too difficult?

Oh, for stuff that's TechnoDolt™ friendlier.

I really don't know why every computer-related company on the planet doesn't sign me up as a one-man focus group for ease-of-use issues, 'cause I speak for tens of millions like me around the globe.

Besides which I'm fast, cheap and usually under a modicum of control (present circumstances excepted).

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Milena, I do not know what Joe's difficulty is, but I continue with IE as primary, Chrome second, and Firefox third (some blogs simply do not work in others) primarily because of bookmark handling.

I have over 2000 bookmarks, organized into some twenty+ sub-folders (and some sub-sub-folders). Firefox insists on ignoring this - a folder is just another file. And when I click a bookmark in IE, the next time I click that star up in the corner to access the bookmark menu, the last-clicked item is right there in the window with adjacent others in the subfolder - if I am following a group of medical blogs, this is easier than the Firefox method of always starting at the first entry of all bookmarks which means I may have to spend literally minutes looking for the next medical entry. Then I can close the medical subfolder(s), open the law folder. Repeat for paying bills, shopping, computer-tech, aviation...

Maybe there is an add-on that will get Firefox (or other Mozilla) to do this, danged if I know. I do have one for IE that opens up a search function within the bookmarks menu...

Posted by: teqjack | Apr 7, 2009 10:44:54 PM

At work the crazy boss-man just bought me a scanner, so I can scan stuff to e-mail it. It's nice enough to have an e-mail button on the scanner, so I put the page in, press the e-mail button, the machine does its thing, and *poof* an e-mail window pops up with my document attached to it, and I just have to put in the address, and click "send."

Knowing me, I've probably sent most of them to the wrong addresses though, which requires that I repeat the entire process.

Posted by: BubbleGirl | Apr 7, 2009 5:47:41 PM

Don't use the BROWSERS print, use the one in Google Docs...confusing, eh?

I've been using Google Docs for class as I can have other members collaboratively edit the stuff...actually pretty nice once you figure out the quirks.

Posted by: clifyt | Apr 7, 2009 3:14:28 PM

Explain "clunky." Firefox can be dressed up or down you know.

Posted by: Milena | Apr 7, 2009 2:17:42 PM

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