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April 2, 2009

USA Today — Asleep at the Kindle switch


One-fourth of page 11 of section A of today's USA Today is occupied by an ad (above) urging readers to subscribe to the Amazon Kindle version of the paper.

Good idea.

But how is it possible that over a month after the new Kindle (below)


was introduced and went on sale, USA Today continues to feature the now defunct Version 1.0 (top and right below)


in its ad?


No wonder newspapers are in trouble.

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The older Kindle is 'iconic'...the new one, more functional but Generic. It is like the iPod...the scrollwheel version has been depreciated, but if you want a representation of a music player, you don't show an iPhone...

Posted by: clifyt | Apr 2, 2009 1:13:59 PM

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