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May 21, 2009

Dog Genealogy Kit


From the website:


Canine Genealogy Kit

This kit analyzes your dog's DNA and identifies the breeds in its ancestry.

It provides scientific confirmation of the physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, personality traits, and potential health risks your mixed-breed dog has inherited.

A professional laboratory tests a cotton swab that you simply rub against the inside of your dog's cheek and send to the lab in the provided envelope.

The laboratory compares the unique sequences in your canine's genome with DNA markers from a database of thousands of purebred dogs.

The DNA test recognizes 63 different breeds (93% of the most common breeds in the U.S.) that can make up your pet's genetic profile.

You will receive a certificate listing your dog's ancestry and a detailed explanation of each breed's dominant characteristics that likely have been passed on to your dog.

Takes up to three weeks to receive results.


$59.95 (dog not included).

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