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May 31, 2009

Hunt-and-Peck Keyboard


From the website:


Hunt-and-Peck Keyboard

The perfect (and perfectly logical) computer keyboard for the one-finger typist.

If you never took typing and still use the hunt-and-peck method, here's the keyboard for you.

No more searching among the asdf's and qwerty's — now just follow the traditional alphabet to find the letter you need (for experienced typists, push a button to return to a standard keyboard layout).


• Takes the ordinary keyboard and gives you three different ways to use it, making it great for one or two finger typists

• Press the "ABC" button and the keys will type in that order

• When the "ABC" button is switched off you can type as you normally would on a QWERTY keyboard (letters are laid out on the keyboard right under the keys laid out in alphabetical order — but in red)

• Also toggles between function keys and common instant messaging abbreviations to make IM-ing easier

• No special software needed — just plug into the USB port on your computer

• Compatible with all versions of Windows and all Apple computers

• Standard size — fits any computer desk

• Special "www" keys for Internet use

• Keys for email abbreviations, too




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