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June 2, 2009

Bing and 'fair use'


Long story short: Microsoft's new search engine features "... small, thumbnail-sized video clips that play automatically when a cursor hovers over them," wrote Joseph Menn and Richard Waters in a story in today's Financial Times.


They continued, "By showing the thumbnail videos on its site, Microsoft appeared to have raised a  question over fair use, particularly if it takes videos from other sites and strips out any advertising associated with them...."

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to keep leftover cake moist


Katie Fisher of Boston, Massachusetts offered the following suggestion in the "Quick Tips" feature of the July/August issue of Cook's Illustrated magazine.


Keeping Cake Moist

To keep leftover cake moist as long as possible, [store] the remaining portion under a cake dome along with a whole peeled apple. The moisture from the apple helps to keep the air under the dome humid and thus discourages the cake and frosting from drying out.

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If the line is in, why do they replay points where the ball hits the end line in the French Open?

I mean, sure, the ball skips crazily off the line but so what?

And while we're at it, why doesn't the French Open use the Hawk-Eye and challenge system?

I've seen two instances already today where the umpire's calls were wrong and the player correct in pointing out where the ball landed, confirmed by the replay camera for me at home but alas, not to the crowd or officials at Court Suzanne Lenglen.

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Wedding Invitation in a Tin Can


Designed by Athens (Greece)-based Chris Trivizas.


"After the ceremony the can is attached to the back of the newly married couples' car


using the attached string."

[via noquedanblogs and 71grados]

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Pierre Faucheux invents Captcha


The French artist's cover for Philip K. Dick's 1959 novel "Time Out of Joint" (above) was a half-century ahead of its time.

Or maybe not, if you believe — as did Dick — that time past, present and future are all right here, right now, awaiting only attention to come alive.

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Switch Lock — Episode 2: Price break


When last I visited this device over three years ago the best price my crack research team could find was $12.95.

That was then, $6.99 is now.

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Topsy — 'A search engine powered by tweets'


L. Gordon Crovitz wrote in yesterday's Wall Street Journal that Topsy "... searches Twitter and divines real-time trends from the site's 140-character posts."

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World's First Wheelchair Backflip — 'The learning curve can be rough'

So wrote Hannah Karp in yesterday's Wall Street Journal item:

"Among the wheelchair sports stars gathering at the Abilities Expo this weekend in Anaheim, Calif., was 17-year-old Las Vegas native Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham, who is credited with performing the world's first wheelchair backflip [top]. Mr. Fotheringham taught himself to ride halfpipes and do tricks alongside skateboarders and BMX riders in his wheelchair. The learning curve can be rough. Attempting his first backflip, he says, 'I would keep going for it and landing on my back, or landing in the foam pit and almost suffocating because I was stuck upside down and couldn't unhook my buckle on my seat.'"

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