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June 8, 2009

Dinero bilingüe (Bilingual Money) — by Yoan Capote


A 2002 work by the Cuban artist.

"U.S. quarter and 20 cent Cuban coin (Cuarto de dólar estadounidense y moneda cubana de 20 centavos)."

2.5cm each coin (2.5cm cada moneda).

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Switch Lock — Episode 3: Is free good for you?


Episode 1 in 2006 featured this technology for $12.95 and Episode 2 six days ago brought it down to $6.99.

In a June 2, 2009 Scavenging blog post entitled "Ten Practical Uses For Your Credit Cards," Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson included the one up top, "Light Switch Cover."

Take it one step further and make the opening just large enough to fit over the business end of the switch, but tight enough so it can't move.

Voila — instant switch guard.

Free, the way we like it.

In fact, if you stop using the card, it'll pay you.

Note to file: Forward this post to Mark Frauenfelder over at Make.

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Tie One On






Sebastian Errazuriz.

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TXTS FRM LST NGHT: 'Remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? We do.'


Amusing, if you're in the mood.

[via Delaney M]

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Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover




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Somewhere Philip K. Dick is smiling as he reads 'Time Out Of Joint' on his iPhone Kindle app


The reason?


Because the world within our world he foresaw a half-century ago — one where "reality" is simply an ultra-high-speed calculation and rendering in real time of all possibilities and events past, present and future — is now tangible, in the form of pages in a book that magically appear from nowhere as you slide your finger across the iPhone screen.


Look at the screen a second: nothing but the single page there.


Yet all the ones before and those to follow are... where?


In there?


Yes— but not that you can see until you swipe your finger.


So where are they in the meantime?


Waiting, that's where.


In the form of grist for the calculation mill.


Same as it ever was.

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What the handy fashionista will be wearing this summer


Solid silver 12 point wrench ring.

Sizes 5–12.


[via gearfuse and Cool Material]

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