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June 7, 2009

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Lazy person's way to press your sheets

Christiane Lemieux, DwellStudio founder and creative director, told Jennifer Barger in a Q&A published June 4, 2009 in the Washington Post Home section, "And if you don't feel like ironing sheets, take them out of the dryer when they're still a little bit damp and put them on the bed. It's the lazy person's way of pressing them."

I'm on it.

Bonus hint from Ms. Lemieux: "If you've got a percale, wash it it inside out so prints don't fade so much over time."


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There are things too pleasurable in life to just give up. Sleeping on ironed sheets and pillow cases is one of them. When I was little, my grandmother used to make her own starch and then iron the sheets of her home which were also sprinkled with lavender water. I tell you that putting your head on a crisp lavender scented pillow case is the stuff that heaven is made of. My mother did the same and I have continued the tradition albeit with ready made starch and lavender water imported from France.

Yes Virginia, this 39 year old does still iron her sheets and, the hassle of it is worth my trouble even though Bev has rightly pointed out that the sheets will wrinkle anyway after that first night.

For a sure fire trick to iron your sheets quickly though, fold the top sheet in half and then into four and iron both sides before refolding and doing the insides. They will have creases true but those are inconsequential unless you are a true ironed sheet purist. Also, don't waste your time ironing the bottom sheet. That WILL stretch out on its own just by putting it on the mattress. Sprinkle it with lavender water however - don't forget that.

The pillowcases - they're the best part of the sleeping experience. I prefer them as pristine and wrinkle free as I can manage them. DON NOT USE starch. Try Magic Sizing instead. The reason? Starch is too stiff but sizing is like the little bear's porridge. Just right. You'll get that smooth look without the crackly, breaky texture of starch. I wash all my linen pillowcases separately (they've got antique laces and therefore deserve delicate treatment) and put in a quarter cup of lavender water into the wash. Change your linens twice a week at least and I will guarantee that you wake up happier and more well rested for the trouble.

Posted by: Iron Maiden Milena | Jun 8, 2009 11:18:57 AM

I haven't seen anyone iron sheets since I was a child and a neighbor had a maid who ironed everything.

My question is: How do you turn sheets inside out? Pillow cases I understand but sheets are a big rectangle, the fitted sheet a rectangle with elastic at the corners.

Posted by: Pictou | Jun 7, 2009 9:37:26 PM

Do some people really iron their sheets? Isn't that kind of like flossing before you eat corn on the cob, or something? Not that you should iron your sheets AFTER you sleep on them, but, you know, it seems kind of futile. And don't they get nice and smoothed out when you put them on the bed? I just don't see the need. But, there is one thing damp sheets will do -- if your air conditioning ever breaks down in the dead of summer, sprinkle some water on your fitted sheet and have a fan aimed at yourself when you flop down on the bed. That'll cool you off.

Posted by: Flautist | Jun 7, 2009 8:10:28 PM

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