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June 21, 2009

Potty Putter


What better item to feature during today's U.S. Open?

Reader Blythe brings news of this remarkable innovation, "A miniature golf game you can play while taking a dump."

From the website:


Potty Putter — The Ultimate Toilet Putting Surface

You get home from a long day at work. The kids are bothering you. The wife is being her lovely self. All you want to do is practice your putting but you don't have time to hit the course for a few weeks. Well, why not work out the kinks in your putting game with our new Potty Putter?

It's a true innovation for getting the most out of each trip to the restroom. Get one for the office and one for home. Finally, you can play some golf without all those bothersome people. The bathroom is perhaps your last bastion of freedom, so don't let anyone invade it.


Putting green

2 golf balls

Flag stick


"Do Not Disturb" sign for your practice sessions



"Work on your golf stroke in privacy for only $19.95."

[via Peggy Wang at BuzzFeed]

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You know, I think they used this very product on The Soup the other day, only in a joke where, um, you could use it as, um, a facility on the course should you not want to leave your game midway through.

Fascinating that it actually exists.

Posted by: Randee | Jun 21, 2009 4:31:50 PM

...men can multi-task after all.

Posted by: gina | Jun 21, 2009 11:37:09 AM

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