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June 29, 2009

'Mark Leckey in the Long Tail'

Wrote James Harkin in the June 20, 2009 Financial Times, "When I asked Leckey why he was interested in the idea of lectures as performance, he told me that he now spent most of his time as an artist scouring the internet for imagery. In this kind of 'dematerialized' world, the idea of presenting objects in a gallery no longer seemed appropriate, he said. He was, however, keen to distinguish what he did from the traditional role of the public intellectual. 'Most artists are not very clever... nor should we expect them to be. We don't go to an artist for a rigorous analysis of an idea. What I'm trying to do is something that really engages with the pathologizing effect of electronic information. I want to channel the idea, to get inside it and become the medium.'"

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