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July 17, 2009

'It Might Get Loud' — starring Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White


The movie opens next month.

Can't hardly wait.

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World's smallest steam iron


5.5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 3 inches high.

"Is that an iron in your pocket or....? 



• Heats in 15 seconds

• One-touch steam control

• Three temperature settings

• Dual-voltage for worldwide travel



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Postmodernism Generator


Andrew Chase, from somewhere back in the future, emailed me as follows:


Are you familiar with the postmodernism generator? http://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/

Visit the page, read the essay (generally they hover on the edge of sensical), hit refresh and a brand shiny new page of BS is generated. It's quite impressive and thought provoking.

Point is, it's based on the DaDa Engine (available for free download). You could load that sucker up with some favorite stock phrases and voilà, a modern day Mechanical Turk, an AbojG (Auto bookofjoe Generator).



Do you think Andrew was sending me a message when he wrote "... hover on the edge of sensical?"

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Golfer's Putting Mug




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Which American accent do you have? Version 4.0


17 questions, it was spot on for me (above).

Like the Blatz beer jingle from way back in the day, "I'm from Milwaukee and I oughta know...."

Find out about yours here.

[via Milena]

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Brush & Rinse Redirecting Toothbrush — Official Toothbrush of the NHL

From the fertile brain of Scott Amron comes this wonderful invention.

This device, if marketed properly in Canada in a campaign aimed at young hockey players, could become the sport's default oral appliance of choice, along with effecting significantly better compliance with parent-recommended programs of dental hygiene ("Now go brush your teeth!").


From his website:


Brush & Rinse Toothbrush

Current methods of getting water into our mouths for rinsing after brushing are sloppy, create waste and place unnecessary stress on our bodies.

A toothbrush can redirect water from a faucet to your lips for easy rinsing.

And, people love water fountains.

Features and Benefits:

• No glass to wash

• Reduces material costs

• No cup to clutter sink area

• No disposable rinsing cups

• Excellent for travel, cramped bathrooms and tiny sinks

• Water fountain play offers incentive for children to brush teeth


Ok, I can use all the incentive I can get — I'll take one.


I wonder if the NHL's lawyerbots will come smoking out of their lair and slap a cease-and-desist order on me.

I'll keep you posted.

It hit the post!

As it were.

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Where you'll find me next year


"Next spring the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] — the agency that runs the web's day-to-day operations — plans to allow a dramatic expansion of the 268 'top-level' domains, or everything after the dot. Currently those range from the generic — '.com' or '.org' — to the country-specific, such as '.uk.' But the U.S.-based body now plans to let anyone register a new top-level domain — as long as they can pay the $186,000 (£113,000; €132,000) registration fee. ICANN estimates that there will be about 500 new ones, ranging from the person or company-specific ('.verizon') to the generic ('.books')."

You could look it up.

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Get it?

Cookie + key.

One chocolate + one vanilla.


Apply within.

[via Gizmodiva]

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