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July 23, 2009

Experts' Expert: Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe Systems, gives a lesson in email management


"... unless I am the sole person on the 'to' line, I don't feel the need to respond."

My sentiments exactly.

I happened on Narayen's comment toward the end of Adam Bryant's interview with him, which appeared on page two of this past Sunday's New York Times Business section.

I take his advice one step further: whenever I send email, I never, ever address it to more than one person.

If I think something might be of interest to 100 people, I will send 100 individual emails.

I don't trust those shortcuts that let you do that with one click, which means I literally have to go down my address book one person at a time, stopping when I come to someone I want to send to, then going over to my email program, putting their name in the "to" box, and filling out the subject and inserting the content.

I've gotten pretty fast after years of doing it that way: I can go through my entire address book and send maybe 100 individual emails with identical subject and content in maybe 45 minutes.

Pretty dumb, huh?

That's how I like things.

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Cash Stash Keychain — Episode 2: Much cheaper and more colorful


This morning reader Dave Boyer commented as follows regarding this past Tuesday's Episode 1: "I'll do you one better. At Lee Valley Tools you can get a similar product for $1.80 each in red or green."


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Top 10 Highest-Paying Counties in the U.S.


You could look it up.

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Panda Cup









Special for lefties like myself:

Alien (below)


or Ghost (below),


also $10 each.

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I love realism


[via Inspire me, now!5tas and Raid71 aka Chris Thornley]

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LED Mini Camping Lantern


Official camping lantern of Lilliput.

From the website:


Mini LED Camping Lantern

This micro-mini camping lantern provides maximum brightness enough to light up a tent, but it's small enough to hang on a keychain/carabiner (included).

25 hours of continuous use.

Emergency strobe mode.

Battery included.




Be swift: they won't last long at that price.

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Cord Control in the Bizarro World



[via pan-dan and David Friedman's Ironic Sans]

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Beverly Hills Cat House


From the website:


Cat Teepee

Allows cats to play, explore, sleep, or enjoy the outdoors in a protected enclosure.

The teepee has three separate levels with openings that enable felines to satisfy their instinctive urge to climb.

Made from canvas, each story provides a soft surface on which cats can nap or watch the world go by.

The nylon netting keeps pets confined yet allows them to enjoy the sunlight and watch their surroundings.

Vinyl doors at the base allow cats to enter and exit easily, or the doors can be shut with Velcro fasteners to ensure cats remain inside.

The steel frame assembles in minutes and the netting can be removed for indoor use.

12 feet high x 4 feet in diameter.

32 lbs.


If I curl up I should be OK on the bottom level.

$299.95 (cats not included).

Question: am I the only one who thinks the creature standing on two legs on the ground level in the photo up top looks suspiciously like a monkey wearing a wig and baseball cap along with a white fur throw and capris?

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