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July 24, 2009

Did Betty Boop sing 'Like a Virgin?'

Shades of Milli Vanilli.

Before you get your baggies in a twist and start hating on me, close your eyes, then listen to the song, still a favorite of mine.


Am I right or am I right?

Now close your eyes again — what, you never opened them? Never mind — and listen to Betty Boop as herself.


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Dubai's Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate — 'We aim to be the Godiva of the Middle East'


Does Katie Das know about this?

Here's Tamara Walid's Reuters story, edited by Will Waterman and Paul Casciato, as it appeared in the July 21, 2009 Yahoo News.


World's first camel-milk chocolates going global


Dubai's Al Nassma, the world's first brand of chocolate made with camels' milk, plans to expand into new Arab markets, Europe, Japan and the United States, its general manager said Tuesday.

Martin Van Almsick said the United Arab Emirates company planned to enter Saudi Arabia first, followed by Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United States within the next few months.

The company plans to enter the Saudi market in a month through a partnership with a Jeddah-based distributor, said Van Almsick, adding the company plans to deliver the first ton of chocolates to Saudi  Arabia soon.


Al Nassma is also in talks with British department store Harrods and San Francisco's Chocolate Covered to sell its products.

Al Nassma was formally established in October last year and aims to produce 100 tons of premium camels' milk chocolate a year.

In partnership with Austrian chocolate maker Manner, Al Nassma manufactures the end product at its Dubai facility.

With 3,000 camels on its Dubai farm, the company sells chocolates through its farm-attached store as well as in luxury hotels and private airlines. It plans to launch an online shopping facility within a month, Van Almsick said. The farm is controlled by the Dubai government.

The company is set to open its second store in the UAE in one of Dubai's large malls and is in talks with mall operator Majid Al Futtaim and others, he said.


"We aim to be the Godiva of the Middle East," Van Almsick said in an interview. "It's a luxury product, so we will never be in supermarkets. The plan is to be in one mall in each UAE city."

Al Nassma is also looking at the possibility of setting up a store in Japan, where demand for the product is high, he said.

All chocolates are produced without preservatives or chemical additives with a range of locally popular spices, nuts and honey, the company says.

Camel milk contains five times more vitamin C than cow milk, less fat, less lactose and more insulin, making it a good option for diabetics and the lactose intolerant, Van Almsick said.


"Al Nassma can be purchased directly via phone on +971(0)4 223 9289," according to Vicci Thompson's November 11, 2008 story in her Aramco ExPats blog.

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'Magic Fingers' on Steroids — Hydraulic Alarm Clock

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Mate unidireccional con funda de neoprene


Diseño Argentina.

Apply within.

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flopsweat@Twitter — it's what comedians do


Long story (by Scott Brown in the August 2009 Wired magazine) short: comedians and humorists of all stripes — read Paul Feig, Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman, Eugene Mirman and Paul F. Tompkins, among others — now try out their material on their Twitter audiences.

Wrote Brown, "... taken as a whole, this din of japery doesn't feel like a desperate mosh at the Robin Williams mansion. It reads more like a collective sketchbook, where comedians relax their legendary self-consciousness, territoriality, and joke-hoarding, and ideas evolve out of idleness, casually, almost by mistake. Call it pointillist jesting, call it ephemeral funning, call it — well, anything other than those names (let me keep riffing; I'll hit on a good one) — but recognize that comedy is always the canary in the cultural mine shaft, a trailer for philosophical and epistemological trends to come."

Maybe I should tweet more after hours.

Just might do that.

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Shark Tent



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Liars and Saints — by Maile Meloy


I've had this book on my "to read" shelf — actually, in my "to read" bookcase, as it's gotten way out of control — for years now, so I have no idea why I finally started it last week.

I've always liked the title even though I had no idea what it was about, having removed the dust jacket when it arrived as per S.O.P. here in joeWorld.

So, I started it at bedtime and was immediately captivated by what appeared to be one of those family sagas, except this one encompassed four generations, from World War II up to the present day, within 257 tightly written, oftimes surprising, and very well written pages.

Meloy carries you along and suddenly the story veers off in a completely unexpected direction, the characters surprising themselves as much as the reader.

You can read excerpts here.

Upon finishing the book I immediately ordered her new story collection, "Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want It" (excerpted here).

Like I said, she's good with titles.

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Tesla Shield


"Combines the original Tesla principles of harmonic oscillation and Tesla design considerations with an advanced state-of-the-art internal module designed by Life Technology™."



• Detects and interacts with Schumann Resonance Field


• Quantum Microvortex™ caduceus coil

• Zeusite™ microsphere resonators


• Employs Lost Cubit measurement

• Rapidly increases Light Quotient

"The Tesla Shield™ represents the synergy of futuristic free energy Tesla technology with contemporary holistic healthcare."



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