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July 27, 2009

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Banned in Hawaii



Considering that Wienermobiles are crashing with increasing frequency — an unexpected house call on July 17, 2009 near Racine, Wisconsin (pictured above) marks the second crash in the past 18 months — perhaps the Hawaiians are onto something, even if it's for an entirely different reason.

Before moving onto the Hawaii kerfuffle, take a few seconds to read my favorite line from Michael Burke's Racine Journal Times article about the accident pictured above, to wit: "Like a 23-foot-long, curved battering ram, the fiberglass frankfurter had slammed into the house foundation, garage door and deck that overhangs the driveway."


Now out to our crack Pacific Ocean-based news team.

Long story short: Though Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman welcomed the Wienermobile to Hawaii this past July 2 — in fact, honoring it by declaring it official Oscar Mayer Wiener Day —  "the nonprofit Outdoor Circle, best known for helping push Hawai'i's strict billboard ban through the 1927 Territorial Legislature, said the Wienermobile violates a recently enacted state law that bars vehicles used primarily to advertise or promote a service or product," according to Gordon Y.K. Pang's July 24, 2009 Honolulu Advertiser story.

Wrote Pang, "Bob Loy, an Outdoor Circle spokesman, said the organization received six to 12 complaints from O'ahu residents who said they did not relish the visit.

"Loy cited a 2006 law that prohibits driving or parking a vehicle for the sole purpose of advertising.

"The Wienermobile serves no purpose other than to advertise and promote Oscar Mayer products, Loy said, pointing out that the Wienermobile's own Web site says it was 'created and exists to market Oscar Mayer products.'

"'Yeah, the Wienermobile is cute. It's got an attractive quality to it. I think anyone would agree with that, and that is part of the insidious nature of advertising,' Loy said. 'It appears to be one thing, when in fact it's another.'"

Don't you hate stuff like that?

Wrote Outdoor Circle CEO Mary Steiner in her cease-and-desist letter to Kraft Foods, which makes Oscar Mayer wieners, "It is our distinct preference that the laws that protect Hawaii's beauty be met through voluntary compliance rather than enforcement .... However, we will not hesitate to file a complaint against Kraft Foods should the Wienermobile return to the state."

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Belt w/ Integrated Golf Ball Marker


Good idea.

From the website:


Dormy Belt

Features a flat buckle, double prongs, Italian leather, and a built-in ball marker.

Black and white belts have red suede liners and silver buckles.

Brown belt has a brown suede liner and black chrome buckle.



• Magnetic ball marker in buckle

• 3 interchangeable ball markers

• Colorfast suede liner

• 1-5/8" wide



$85 (green fees not included).

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Spezify.com — Turbocharged search


It  came from Stockholm, with the beta released in April of this year and the first official version out June 15, 2009.

Kind of cool, what?

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Phony Security Camera — Episode 2: This one talks


That's right.

Why settle for the crummy blinking red light featured two weeks ago in Episode 1 when for a few dollars more you can have one that, when it senses an intruder "... begins to move back and forth and [in] an authoritative male voice tells them they're being watched and to leave immediately."


"This Talking Phony Security Camera looks like the real thing with a flashing LED light, phony video cable and adjustable mounting."

"Install the maintenance-free, rust-proof unit above entrances, in hallways, wherever surveillance is needed, indoors or out."

I'm putting mine right over my treadmill.

Camera includes mounting hardware.


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We're #1 — With not 1, not 2 but 3 (••• three!) bullets


Last night I was meandering along on the treadmill doing something close 2 nothing — yo joe, how's that different from your baseline? — but different than the evening before (actually, not all that different, if you consider that in both instances I was on the treadmill at 1.5 mph doing this and that on the computer while listening to music and watching TV MOS — mit out sound — but, thinking about it a bit more, since the music and TV programs and computer display were all different, I guess different is an OK descriptor... what do you think?) when I got to noodling around on Twitter.


I happened on WeFollow where, after about six hours of effort by my crack tech team in-residence (I didn't feel it was right to wake up Phillip Winn — grand panjandrum of bookofjoeWorld BackStage™ — to help me with what an average five-year-old could do so instead I let him dream on), they managed to add bookofjoe to WeFollow Twitter users under "Anesthesiology," "Anesthesia" and "Anesthesiologist."

We got all excited when we shot right to the top of the charts (above and below).


What — I'm a big fish in small ponds?


Go away.

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Slip Grip — Self-Adhesive Hanger/Clothes Enhanced Friction Interface


Res ipsa loquitur.


If you're hard of hearing look at the pictures.


20 for $2.99.

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Earth Secrets — PostSecret goes global on the iPhone

99 cents at the App Store.

Back story here.

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Rubik's Cubewich


"The Rubik's Cubewich contains cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of cheddar."

[via The Daily What , Serious Eats and Insanewiches]

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