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July 28, 2009

Qwitter — 'Catching Twitter quitters'


Good idea, especially if you're me on Twitter, where people are racing the rats to jump overboard before the whole shebang goes down.

"Qwitter emails you when someone stops following you on Twitter...."

Amusing back story: I read about the site in a July 13, 2009 Wall Street Journal story by Raymund [sic] Flandez about the ecosystem that's grown up around Twitter, sort of like how the App Store generated tons of great stuff once it got traction.

Wrote Flandez, "... Qwitter, from Ireland's Eoghan McCabe Ltd., emails you when somebody stops following you on Twitter — and tells you the last post they read. The service aims to give you an idea of what may have turned off a former fan."

"'It's basically a way for me to know who's not following me anymore,' says Beth Temple, a digital-business consultant based in New York. 'I wouldn't want to lose someone.' If she did, she says, she would 'look at recent tweets and consider the motivation.'"

Gee, Beth, it's not like losing a child.

OK, here's the funny part of the story (Chekhov remarked that if there's a gun on the wall in the first act, it had better be fired before the play ends — but I digress).

When I first tried to visit Qwitter, I typed in the obvious URL: qwitter.com.

But when you do that, you find yourself here.


Well, I thought it was amusing, anyway.

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