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July 12, 2009

Split Ring Key


Confoundingly wonderful, this item was brought to my attention yesterday by Fritz, in the form of a comment on the Split Key Ring Opener post of this past Friday.

"Carry your keys on your other key. Real working key blank can be cut by any key cutter to fit KW1 or SC1 keyways. Could also be used as a weapon."

Designed by Scott Amron .

2 for $7.

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That seems like a really neat idea that is probably best left as an idea. Right now I carry a half dozen keys on a single split ring. All of the keys sit together, side by side, on the ring, forming a single, compact unit of keyness. But on this key ring, there would always be this one key sticking out awkwardly, stabbing me in the thigh. Also, split key rings are best made out of a relatively soft metal, so that they can be pried open without tearing your fingernail off of your finger (hence, of course, the Split Key Ring Opener). But if this key ring is made out of soft metal, then turning the key would be difficult—one doesn't want a flexible key, after all.

Posted by: Waldo Jaquith | Jul 12, 2009 8:48:13 PM

glad you like it

Posted by: Fritz | Jul 12, 2009 7:54:29 PM

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