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July 13, 2009



"Free shipping."

"Lifetime return guarantee."

"Free return shipping."


I must admit I was somewhat taken aback when I happened on this new online art gallery based in downtown Charlottesville, my very own hometown.

Long story short: It's a virtual art gallery that lets you browse art and artists along with their sales histories, tracking prices realized over the past few years for their works.

They currently offer original paintings by 35 American artists, including the five whose works are pictured above and below.


That lifetime return guarantee got my attention.

In my experience, buying art is a one-way transaction: you bought it, you own it.

No returns, all sales final, etc.

Try to sell it back and they laugh at you.


Until this company decided to take a different tack.

Read their guarantee yourself: "Free Shipping. Free Return Shipping. Lifetime Returns."

More: "With its potential to rise in value over time, we are happy to buy back your painting at the full purchase price."


Take a tour.

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