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August 31, 2009

'Safety Group to Call for Ban on Texting While Driving'

Up top, the headline over today's New York Times story by Matt Richtel about the latest political piñatameme to go viral.

Everybody's against texting while driving just like everyone's for mom and apple pie (Chevrolet, not so much anymore — but I digress) so this gives people of all persuasions something they can get excited about without antagonizing anyone, while diverting attention from things that actually require thinking.

Let's see... drinking and driving are now verboten, texting's going to be next, the phone companies are fighting a ban on talking on the phone but even they say no to texting while driving.

What about a more insidious problem: sleepy driving?

Traffic safety studies have shown that it's at least as big a problem as drunk driving but I don't see any action on this front, aside from experiments with cameras that track eye movements et al but are probably a minimum of five years from deployment in the highest of high end cars.

The whole issue of inattentive driving will become moot with the onset of electronic roads with computer control of cars, such that you can drink, sleep, watch a movie, read, or whatever else you want to do without endangering anyone.

That's where the smart money should be going, into smart roads and really smart cars.

Soon come.

But not real soon now.

Piñatameme — I like it.

You know where you saw it first.

Not here?

Go away....

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Rodarte Motorcycle Jacket


Wrote Anne Christensen, women's fashion director for the New York Times T Magazine, "In February, when I was sitting in the audience at the Rodarte fall show and out came these romantically patchworked, marbled dresses that defied description, I was moved by how beautiful they were. Next came the patchworked, marbled leather jackets that fit the models like a glove — and I knew I wanted one for myself. That’s how fashion works: you have an emotional response to something and you just want it, no matter what the cost. And the cost of this jacket is a lot. But I know I will wear it for years and even be able to pass it on to my daughter. After all, I still have my Schott black leather jacket from college, and I’m ready for the upgrade!"

$3,795 at Bergdorf Goodman New York (212-753-7300).

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'I can tell it's going to be in when it leaves my racket' — Kim Clijsters


During today's post-opening match press conference, she was asked about a challenge she made during the match (the first one she's ever made at the U.S. Open, what with her absence from the tour over the past 18 months to have a child).

She responded (up top in the headline — as close as I can recall to her actual words) that she challenged the line call (it was overturned and her challenge upheld, with the shot hitting about one millimeter of chalk) because of how good the shot felt leaving her racket.

That's an example of the enormous difference between players on her level and the rest of us: it's enough for me that it just leaves the racket.

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Social Media T-Shirt



[via Milena]

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Ralph Nader's first novel — "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!' — coming in three weeks


"The story about 17 wealthy figures, including Warren Beatty and Warren Buffett, trying to turn around the economy in 2006, is to be released by Steven Stories Press on September 22. Mr. Nader calls the book his 'answer to Ayn Rand,'" according to an item in today's New York Times.

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Beautiful Libraries

Suzzallo Library

Wrote Justin Menard, "This is the third of three posts on beautiful libraries. This post contains the following countries: Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA and Wales."

Six of the featured libraries appear above (Suzzallo Library, Seattle, Washington, USA) and below.

IMG_6802 Athenaeum, 2nd floor reading room (ok)-1  

Boston Atheneum, Massachusetts, USA.


Old Chicago Public Library, Illinois, USA.


Riggs Library, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA.


George Vanderbilt's Biltmore House Library, Asheville, North Carolina, USA.


Jay Walker's Private Library, New England, USA.

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There's no 'i' in jaguar

Every year it seems there are a couple of NFL announcers who can't seem to get their heads around the fact that Jacksonville's team is the "JagWahrs" — not "JagWires."

It's not just them, mind you: many people mispronounce the car the very same way, including several I know whom I never correct because it amuses me so.

Anyhow, I'd always thought it was just me being fussy, but looking online for the name of the Philadelphia Eagles' play-by-play announcer for last Thursday's exhibition game (it was Kevin Reilly), I happened on the comments up top here.

So I guess I'm not the only one.

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Porsche Design Sport Bounce:S Running Shoe


Metallic springs inspired by a car's suspension system are embedded in the sole.


Haven't we heard this song before?


Over four years ago?



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