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August 3, 2009

Retro Radio-Controlled VW Camper Van


Wrote Jonathan Margolis in his "technopolis" column in the August 1, 2009 Financial Times "How To Spend It" magazine, "For this month's mandatory dose of daftness, I finally diverge from the photographic to a piece of glorious tat which is still as summer-holiday-flavoured as it gets. The remote-controlled VW Camper Van is as useless a piece of entertaining rubbish as it's possible to imagine, but managed to amuse me from the moment I saw it. I know, I know, it will not be winning the Nobel Prize for Gadgetry any time soon. It's enduringly kitsch, with sticker depicting view of 1960s smelly-socks alternativeness on the windows.

"Yet such sloppy gadgetry somehow adds to the gimmick's hippie-esque charm. A perfect gift, both in this holiday season and in the run up to — eek! — Christmas for anyone (and almost any ex-Earls Court Aussie of a certain vintage) who enjoys regaling you with tales of the Summer of Love and their adventures touring Europe on 3p a day in a beat-up Volkwagen van."


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