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August 31, 2009

'Safety Group to Call for Ban on Texting While Driving'

Up top, the headline over today's New York Times story by Matt Richtel about the latest political piñatameme to go viral.

Everybody's against texting while driving just like everyone's for mom and apple pie (Chevrolet, not so much anymore — but I digress) so this gives people of all persuasions something they can get excited about without antagonizing anyone, while diverting attention from things that actually require thinking.

Let's see... drinking and driving are now verboten, texting's going to be next, the phone companies are fighting a ban on talking on the phone but even they say no to texting while driving.

What about a more insidious problem: sleepy driving?

Traffic safety studies have shown that it's at least as big a problem as drunk driving but I don't see any action on this front, aside from experiments with cameras that track eye movements et al but are probably a minimum of five years from deployment in the highest of high end cars.

The whole issue of inattentive driving will become moot with the onset of electronic roads with computer control of cars, such that you can drink, sleep, watch a movie, read, or whatever else you want to do without endangering anyone.

That's where the smart money should be going, into smart roads and really smart cars.

Soon come.

But not real soon now.

Piñatameme — I like it.

You know where you saw it first.

Not here?

Go away....

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We as humans are "wired" and taught to protect ourselves, examples: pain, getting close to a cliff, approaching a fire, getting close to most animals, however we find no problem with guiding a 3000 pound projectile going 65 MPH (unbelievable kinetic energy when compared with our fragile makeup)and being distracted to the degree of having a death wish!

Posted by: Joe Peach | Aug 31, 2009 4:56:32 PM

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