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August 2, 2009

Snow Leopard next month — w00t!


I just saw over at Amazon that Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) is now available for pre-order for $29.

That's all well and good but what got me all atwitter and made my heart flutter was this: "Official release date has not been announced by Apple, though they have indicated this product will be released sometime in September."

Why am I so excited?

Because as a card-carrying TechnoDolt™ I wouldn't buy a computer with an OS that I needed to upgrade: it needs to be native.

I'm still using 10.3.9 on my 2005 G4 PowerBook and let me tell you, the SBBOD are more painful (and frequent) every day.

As soon as I can buy a MacBook Pro or iMac running 10.6 right out of the box, well, I'm so there.

Now it appears it's sooner than I'd thought (I'd heard October).

Bonus: I read somewhere that among the new features of Snow Leopard is Force Quit for a single page running within a browser rather than having to shut down the whole browser and all the pages open within it.

I cannot tell you how much better that single feature alone will make my daily life.

I'm very, very stoked.

Can you tell?

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Posted by: Mike | Sep 2, 2009 9:16:32 PM

you get excited over a new OS? Dork.

Posted by: wheedle | Aug 4, 2009 9:10:17 AM

You won't be able to upgrade your PowerBook G4 to snow leopard. Apple has dropped support for non-intel chips in this update. From Apple's Tech Specs page on Snow Leopard, General Requirements, "Mac computer with an Intel processor". Guess you'll need to wait until you can afford that new mac. :(

Posted by: Sunny | Aug 3, 2009 8:26:00 PM


Posted by: Milena | Aug 2, 2009 5:24:10 PM

SBBOD - that's too funny.

Posted by: jo | Aug 2, 2009 4:46:34 PM

Without starting an OS war, I am just wondering by what standard one judges an OS to be the world's most advanced? And if it's the worlds most advanced, why would it need to be tuned?

Posted by: Rocketboy | Aug 2, 2009 3:56:05 PM

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