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September 1, 2009

Llama Caddies of Sherwood Forest


From a website:


Llamas work as golf caddies, surprise golfers

Tuesdays are special at Sherwood Forest Golf Club in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. For now, this is the one day a week that llamas are available to be your golf caddy.

The four-legged caddies are a popular with both adults and parents with children. If Sherwood is trying to brand themselves as a unique course, it seems to have done just that. How many families can say they spent the day golfing with their very own llama?


Word's gotten around in the 10 days since that story appeared.

According to the golf club's website, "Llamas are available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at our golf course. Come on out and play a round, or just come by to see the friendly, four-legged helpers!"

It costs $40 to rent "You-Da-Man" or seven other llamas to caddy nine holes.

Get yours here.

Can't get enough?

Much more here.

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Memory Fan


16GB USB drive.

Hand made from bamboo and cotton; five coats of lacquer.


210mm x 28mm x 15mm.

0.15m USB cable included.



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PlacePop — 'Where do you go?'


News of this site courtesy of Milena, like so much of what's been appearing here lately.

If only she'd write the posts, I'd be money.

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Watt Time Clock


From the website:


Watt Time Clock

Constructed out of high-gloss hard plastic, allowing the digital time display to shine through the bulb's outer wall.

A bright blue LED display illuminates the time and date and an easily accessible snooze button located on top of the bulb's socket end makes it possible for you to get those 5 more minutes you always need.

If the sound is not enough to wake you, you have the option of setting the bulb to illuminate when your alarm goes off.



If it happens, $24.99.

[via LikeCOOL]

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Mind Shut Down — by Subodh Gupta


His 2008


stainless steel sculpture,




94.5"H x 59"W x 80.75"W,


is made


from old utensils.

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Cloud 9 Headband


From the website:



As a little girl my dream was to travel the world, and my school was very close to the old airport, and every now and then we heard an airplane fly past, all the kids rushed to the windows to see it.

It was one of those sweet childhood memories.

The little girl's desire stayed with me, and I still dream of traveling to anywhere exotic.


This headband is handcrafted using brass, and it is 34cm (13.5") long.

The cloud is 9cm (3.5") wide and about 8cm/ (3") high, and slightly curved to sit well on the head.


This item is made to order: the photos show one made for the right side of the head (if you want it to be on the left, tell me when you order).

If you would like a different measurement for the band, please let me know.

Because of the handmade nature, every piece will be slightly different.




[via What Alice Found]

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Webcycle — 'The faster you pedal, the faster your internet'

Wrote Cliff Hatch, who sent me this link, "I think I’d have to give up video…."

From the Webcyle website:


It's a handy way for internet addicts to get fit: the faster you pedal, the faster your internet goes. The fitness possibilities are wonderful.

It's an exercise bike, with sensors on the pedals, connected to an Arduino and a laptop running Ubuntu with wondershaper.

Hardware hacking by Matt Gray, software and provision of bike by Tom Scott.

Note: For those who have been a little confused, technically this does not speed up one's internet connection. The faster one pedals, the less it limits the bandwidth.

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Clutch Chair — by Scott Jarvie


Made from 10,000 drinking straws.


"Selected by Zaha Hadid as her Curator's Choice at Noise Festival 2008."


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