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September 2, 2009

Reggie Bush's microfracture surgery Kool-Aid has an awful aftertaste


Long story short: The Saints' franchise back, the second player picked in the 2006 NFL draft, "could miss his third straight preseason game on Thursday night when New Orleans hosts Miami.... Bush, who has not played since straining his right calf during training camp, has only three carries for 5 yards during the entire preseason," according to today's New York Times story.

Back on January 17 of this year, after Bush underwent the totally elective microfracture procedure — which, contrary to what his surgeon no doubt told him as he handed him his drink, is still highly experimental and controversial, with some disastrous, career-ending outcomes — I lamented the fact; excerpts:


This is no trivial joint cleanout but a major procedure with a wide range of potential outcomes, sometimes letting a player return to his previous peak but in other instances resulting in a performance fall-off and even becoming a career-ender.

I sure hope Bush comes back with every bit of the lightning-quick shiftiness and cutting ability he dazzles with when he's healthy and at his best.

The knee is one complex, tricky joint.



Wrote John P. Lopez, after a visit to the Saints training camp, on SI.com, "Reggie Bush has looked like he's taken to heart all the criticism of being overrated, just a third-down back and not tough enough or big enough to run hard between the tackles. I've watched a lot of Saints games in recent years and, frankly, don't recall seeing him look as determined. Of course, it was a series of drills and controlled scrimmages and coaches were behind the backfield imploring Bush to cut and go. Still, instead of the usual assortment of cuts to the outside when he hits traffic, Bush has squared his shoulders and hit holes much harder.

"The problem is, he could be running like Jim Brown and it still wouldn't change the fact that Bush is coming off microfracture surgery on his knee and there are big questions about whether he will be able to stay on the field. Already in camp, Bush has missed time to ice his knee or undergo treatment. And after not missing a single game his rookie year, Bush has missed 10 games the past two seasons. That's a bad, bad sign."

What a shame it would be if the once-great, scintillating runner turned into a utility player.

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Tattoo you


Spanish designer Héctor Serrano created a set of eight monster temporary hand tattoos (above and below).



For those not up to adrenaline surges, he made a second set featuring more placid creatures (below).



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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Ordering address labels online


I've struggled mightily over the years to find a website that's easy to use and gives me results I'm happy with — up to recently, without success.

Either the sites are insanely difficult to use or the results are amateurish.

Until now.

I ordered from Superior Labels and found the whole process simple, transparent and fast — easily the best online site I've used.

The labels came yesterday and they're fine, perfectly suitable for business.

Highly recommended.

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Buddha Pears of Japan





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Dragonfly choppers and pollen bombs — 'Apocalypse Now' for allergies

I knew Benadryl was a good drug but this is ridiculous.

[via RATTLING STICK and Milena]

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Flushing Sound Toilet Clock


From the website:


Flushing Sound Toilet Clock

Flushing sound toilet clock adds a little humor to your day.

Toilet seat-shaped clock will make you laugh when you hear its flushing sound — on the hour.

Requires four AA batteries, not included.

9.5" x 2".




[via 7Gadgets]

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Where is this located?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Erin Andrews decides if she can't beat 'em, join 'em


ESPN's star sideline reporter apparently has had enough of letting others set the media agenda, what with her photoshoot — by world-class photographer Martin Schoeller — in the September issue of GQ.

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