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September 14, 2009

It's all about the accessories



B.C. by Hart.

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Video Recording Sunglasses


From the website:


Video Recording Sunglasses

These glasses with a built-in video camera allow you to discreetly record all that you see.

The 0.3MP pinhole camera is located in the bridge, providing 320 x 240 resolution for AVI videos.

Up to 2-1/2 hours of video can be recorded directly onto the built-in 2GB memory.

The left temple's frame houses a slot that accommodates a microSD card for additional memory storage.

Videos can be copied to a computer running Windows XP/Vista using the built-in USB port and included cable.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to two hours of recording from a two-hour charge using the included AC adapter.

Plastic lenses have UV-400 coatings.




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Trapped in an elevator for 41 hours

"Accompanying video to Nick Paumgarten's piece 'Up and Then Down' from the April 21, 2008 issue of The New Yorker. Footage of Nicholas White trapped in an elevator in the McGraw-Hill Building."

[via Joe Peach]

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Momo x Y-3 Limited Edition Sneakers


Three different designs, 350 pairs in all.

$380 at Y-3 stores.

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Many years ago, before Lionel Barber took over the helm of The Financial Times, I e-mailed the then-editor, Andrew Gowers, to the effect that corrections would be much more efficient if a separate e-mail address existed just for that purpose, to wit: corrections@ft.com

He responded that the system in place, in which corrections were sent to letters@ft.com, worked pretty well, but that he'd take it up with his associates.

Lo and behold, within a week or two a line appeared right under the letters and corrections on the editorial page with a small black square followed by "For corrections e-mail: corrections@ft.com"

In the past year the black square has changed to a black circle but otherwise my contribution appears six days a week, which I admit does cheer me up no end.

Like someone once said, "even a blind, anosmic pig...."

Well, guess what?

I had another flash of inspiration this morning and out of loyalty to the FT, decided to give them first dibs.

My idea: use Twitter for corrections.

So simple: set up a Twitter page (twitter.com/corrections@ft) and let readers directly post their corrections, as opposed to the now-tedious process of sending an email to the corrections@ft.com black hole (those who, like me, are wont to submit corrections will note that the New York Times always acknowledges receipt whereas the FT not only doesn't acknowledge receipt, it doesn't even inform you if the correction — or your letter, for that matter — will be published. I recall finding out years after the fact and only by chance that a letter I'd submitted had appeared in the FT).

To jumpstart things, I tweeted about this BrainGenius™ stroke of insight 15 minutes ago (top).

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Dress — by Issey Miyake


From his Fall/Winter 1990/91 collection, part of the upcoming exhibition "Contemporary Japanese Fashion: The Mary Baskett Collection," opening October 17, 2009 at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.

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TechnoDolt™ Twitter Hack


I just thought it up yesterday, frustrated at the 2-to-3-second lag between typing a letter in the Twitter app and having it appear in the box.

Why spend five minutes doing what should take 30 seconds?

Major gumption trap.

Anyway, the penny dropped, and I realized I could type the entire tweet in MacMail or TextEdit, then copy and paste it instantly en bloc.

Wonderful; much better.

Even a blind, anosmic pig....

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BuckyBalls — actually, not


"216 rare earth magnets — unlimited possibilities."

If you've got pets or kids, best pass.

Watch the free movies instead.

Everyone else in the pool.

The real thing here.


[via Milena]

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