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September 20, 2009

Driftwood Horses — by Heather Jansch


Where do you find your wood?


The coastline,


from estuaries


and from local woodland.


My assistant collects it


for me


and local estates


supply oak.

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Clothespin LED Light




Korean designer


Sungho Lee.


Bring your own shade.


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Swirl in black and white


Photograph by Paul Farnham.

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Toffee Scorpion Candy

Mmmm, scorpion.

"A toffee-flavoured candy which contains a real edible scorpion. The scorpions are specially bred on Chinese scorpion farms for human consumption and heat-treated to remove toxins so that they are safe to eat. Scorpions are said to have many health benefits. This candy looks like a piece of ancient amber, but it is also a tasty candy and it's even good to your teeth because it's also sugar-free."


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On knowing when to read a book


Hans Christian von Baeyer's book "Information: The New Language of Science," has been gathering dust on my shelf for years.

Every time I took it out to look through it and read a paragraph or two it seemed far too daunting and likely to give me a headache before I got very far.

I was just waiting for one of those days when I felt "smart."

Everyone has them, times when for no apparent reason you seem to have a better sense of the world and where exactly you fit in than usual.

Happened last Wednesday afternoon so I started reading it and by artfully skipping parts that ordinarily would've forced me to put the book down, prolly forever, managed to drive on through to the end, which goes as follows (the final 2/3 of the final paragraph): "The qubit, which floats through my mind in the form of a soft, translucent sphere..., shimmering indistinctly in all the colours of the rainbow at once, is an inexhaustible source of possibilities from which only one can be realized. It is ripe with infinite surprise, for the bit is contained in it in an irreducibly random, unpredictable way. Grabbing the qubit, measuring it, and reducing it to a definite colour, or a comprehensible Yes or No, or a numerical zero or one, is an original act of creation on my part, undetermined by the past, irreproducible in the future. To me, the qubit is the ultimate source of wonder."

Earlier: "The burning question for physics has become: how come we don't notice superposition in everyday life? or: how are the superpositions of the world at its fundamental level disguised to yield the stark outlines of the world our senses perceive?"

As one  physicist whose name escapes me remarked, "And then a miracle  happens."

Table of contents here.

Preview the book here.

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WiFi Dowsing Rod

Back to the future.

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Firefly: The Complete Series

I was recently given this three-disk set by Erik Naft, who told me that, based on my love of sci-fi, I'd enjoy it a lot.


Back story: maybe I live in a parallel universe with wormholes always "under construction" but I'd never even heard of "Firefly" or "Serenity" until I received this series.

Probably because I have no clue re: what's on TV beyond sports, the fact that Joss Whedon's creation was cancelled by Fox in  2002 after only 11 of its 14 episodes had been aired eluded my reality field completely.

Aside: lately I've been rethinking things and now consider everyone's lives to be their own discrete reality fields, with the amount of distortion depending on how close they are to Steve Jobs.

But I digress.

I watched the first disk of the three one night last week and was completely absorbed.

It comprised five of the 14 episodes.

I'm going to watch one of the two remaining discs on a selected night each of the next two weeks.

Pricey at $54.99 for the set but worth it.

Especially if someone gives it to you.

Thanks, Erik!

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Black Paper Plates


Are the new black.

24 for $1.29.

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